DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 30

Oasis Of Love By Grace Aideloje S ade snapped the kettle off its base and poured the coffee so vehemently it splashed on her left wrist. After a muffled scream, she rushed to the sink to splash cold water on it, while casting a frantic glance at her waiting customers. “Lord, I am so angry at my mum and at myself and at Jessie.” Why did she let her mum persuade her to go out with Titus? The name sounded pious enough, and her mum had said he was an excellent Christian brother. But last night’s date with Titus had revealed he couldn’t keep the reins on his mouth and hands. When she got tired of him trying to grope her, she had told him off and returned home. DOZ Magazine | November 2018 30