DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 3

Dear Ladies, Is it November already?! My goodness, where did the year go? This time next month we’ll be saying, Merry Christmas, and then, Happy New Year. Time does fly when you’re having fun! As the year is fast ending, if you’re anything like me, you’re already looking at the unaccomplished goals for the year and thinking, how do I cover all this ground in so little time? Now, this type of reflection can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a bad thing because it can keep you from seeing all the great things that happened in the year and thus lead you to a place of ingratitude. So, I want you for the rest of this month to take your eyes off what hasn’t happened and come on a gratitude journey with me as we begin to daily count our blessings. Will you come on this journey? What you need to do is simple. For the next thirty days, I want you to get up every morning and write in your journal five things for which you are grateful. If that doesn’t cause you to enter a state of genuine gratitude, I don’t know what will. Appreciation is a powerful tool, Ladies. Not only will it increase the blessings you already have but it will deliver the benefits that you crave. I am waiting to hear your testimonies. This is DOZ Issue 37, November 2018, and it is bursting with all the inspiration you need to keep pursuing your dreams even in the face of adversity. Our DOZ That Inspire You, for this issue is, Leia Baez. I fell in love with this woman the first time I heard her story. I contacted her and was honoured to have her as my guest on DOZ Show, and it gives me tremendous joy to bring you her amazing story in this issue of DOZ Magazine. I do not doubt in my mind that you will be inspired. “DOZ Chronicles: Ruki” continues in this issue. How do you like it so far? I look forward to seeing you same time next month. Blessings! 3 DOZ Magazine | November 2018