DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 27

issue with them right? That’s not an issue with me any longer. And so I’ve just learnt to brush all that off, and again it just comes with the growth, the who I am post- divorce. I don’t let the little stuff bother me so much anymore. Awesome. I was going to ask what blessings came with your adversity, but I think you’ve already mentioned that. So how did going back to school help you get back on your feet? In other words, if you hadn’t gone back to school would you have been able to get back on your feet and be where you are today? Yeah. I think that if I had not gone back to school, I’d still eventually get back on my feet regardless of whatever path I chose but going back to school and going back to grad school was an empowering experience for me because I felt intelligent during my courses, I felt great. And here I am in classes where people don’t necessarily know me, and they’re looking up to me; I help them to I guess feel better about themselves you know what I mean? So, it was a nice experience for me because I felt better about myself and that was important for me to be able to feel good about myself again. You know, for so long I was so down and out, and I didn’t feel like my normal self, and so I had to empower myself and education has always been to me a priority. It’s something that my parents have instilled in me you know, that no matter what, education is key, and education is so important. I still feel that way, and so it just gave me the opportunity to really flourish during a time when most people would just continue to be down on themselves. And that was, the schooling was great, to be more educated and everything. But more so it made me feel good about myself, that here I am, I’m going to better myself in a time when everybody thinks I should be down, I’m going to do something completely positive in a completely negative situation, and that’s how I continue to live my life. Wow! So, going back to school gave you a self-esteem boost, which you needed at the time? Oh yeah, I needed that so much. Then once I graduated, actually when I applied for the job that I have now, I was in my grad t ing for tha I was look d had I not an promotion h the divorce g u gone thro ould w that I w I o n k ’t n o d I ly because have, main like I said, o, was just s t day to day a th to stuck in just trying d n living a gs work. make thin school programme, and so that was key for me getting that job it was kind of like a blessing it kind of worked out, it was perfect timing, the hiring committee thought that it was impressive that I was getting my master’s in public administration at the time considering that it was a government job, so it also gave me that boost too you know in a career standpoint where it gave me that promotion and that financial stability that I needed so much as a single mother. Great. So, what skills, experiences, and or lessons did you take away from your season of adversity which are now necessary or required for the position you occupy today? The mental toughness, just being able to not let small things bother 27 me, not let a person’s attitude bother me. If someone’s having a bad day, that negativity or their kind of attitude can affect you if you let it and so I’ve learnt to be tough in that aspect mentally and not let those small things bother me, and that’s huge because that’s not always how I was before. When I was younger I was more of a reactor, I would react right away I wouldn’t think about things beforehand, and now I think about things beforehand. I try to think strategically. I try to think critically of how my actions would affect others and how my actions would impact me and so I’m a completely different person, and my friends could tell you the same, that like wow, that’s impressive, you know. But also, trusting God’s plan and just knowing that my faith is my rock and always has been. And it’s kind of interesting because I’ve always kind of had that mentality of never give up just keep going, and you can always accomplish your dreams no matter what. But you know I never truly understood that until I went through this and I say that because I had never really had that moment of I want to give up or this is it for me, or I am at the bottom. You know when they say you hit your rock bottom I never had been there. And so until I was there now I really take that into account, wow, never giving up is so powerful. It’s so much powerful than it seems and it’s so much more powerful when you experience something so dark and something so difficult emotionally, and it is how I live. Even though things don’t work out, it doesn’t mean it’s not going to work out forever, so you’ve just got to keep trying and so believing in yourself is key as well, and that’s a skill that I think a lot of people forget. We expect other people and our friends to believe in us, but we often forget DOZ Magazine | November 2018