DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 22

grade, I stuck these glow in the dark stars in my ceiling. And you know being a kid I would make all these wishes on every single one of those stars, my big dreams that I had and what I wanted to do. And when I had to move back into my childhood bedroom, those stars, my mum never took them down, they were still up there, and so that’s exactly what I needed to see. I needed to see that my dreams were still out there and that I was able to still have them, even though I had to come home and reset and get back to remembering who I am as a person. I could still be somebody, and I could still accomplish my dreams, and so, actually, it turned out that I was very lucky to be living with my parents who are the most supportive people in my life. And going back to that bedroom which was embarrassing at first but now in hindsight, I am like wow, I’m really lucky. Wow! That’s just phenomenal. You were in a dark place, but you didn’t stay in that dark place for too long because like you’ve already explained, you saw the glow in the dark stars, and they reminded you of the wishes and the dreams that you had as a child. So please tell us when exactly, at what point, did it dawn on you that your dreams were still out there? When did that turning point come? my own home already, and so I had already like progressed, and here I am having to take a step backward, and it was almost like, I asked myself if this is a demotion in life, why is this happening? And I was in my thirties and moving back with your parents when you’re in your thirties I mean that’s kind of embarrassing. And so, I just DOZ Magazine | November 2018 felt a little lost at that time, and it wasn’t until two years later or down the line that I realized that moving back into my parents’ home was actually a blessing for me because that was the best place that I needed to be when I was in that darkness, you know. Being in my childhood bedroom, it kind of helped me to reset. You know, when I was in the sixth 22 Sure. So, I moved back into my parents’ home, in September of 2015, and it wasn’t until many months later, you know everybody has a new year’s resolution, and everybody wants to change their mindset and I remember thinking, when it came to the new year’s eve, I can’t live like this forever. I can’t be upset and down on myself forever. You know, there were many nights when I cried