DOZ Issue 37 November 2018 - Page 14

DOZ Leadership Lessons By Eturuvie Erebor DR. TERERAI TRENT D r. Tererai Trent is a woman with an inspiring story. Her story demonstrates what is possible when people have dreams and keep pursuing them in spite of the opposition. Her story is one of tenacity and resilience. It proves that our goals are achievable if we don’t give up. Dr. Trent was born and raised in a small village in Zimbabwe. As a female child she was not given an opportunity to go to school like the male children, and so she began to teach herself to read and write, and it wasn’t long before she was helping her brother with his homework. She was later allowed to go to school but not for long as she was soon given away in marriage at the tender age of 11. It was not the life she wanted, and she was dissatisfied. By the time her fifth child was born, she felt trapped with no way of escape in sight. But one day she met an aid worker who asked her what her dreams were. Although they seemed far-fetched, young Tererai was not afraid to voice them. DOZ Magazine | November 2018 She said that she wanted to go to America and she wanted to study up to a doctorate. The woman assured young Tererai that if she believed in her dreams, they were achievable. At this point, she wrote down her dreams on paper put them in a tin can and buried them under a rock. She then acted by enrolling in classes and studying towards her high school diploma, against the wishes of her husband. At night she studied, and after failing twice, she had her high school diploma and was accepted to study at a university in America. She arrived in the country of her dreams, but her struggle was far from over. She worked four jobs while going to school and sometimes had to scavenge for food for her family from the dustbins of grocery stores. But her determination to achieve her dreams would not let her stop. Then her husband became violent and began to hit her which led to the end of the marriage and his arrest and deportation to Zimbabwe. After completing her Ph.D., she decided it was time to give back to the 14