DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 6

Film Upon The Glass N Debra Burgess  o longer able to afford the cable, her television gathered dust in a corner of the tiny room. The only other furniture was a worn couch with a lopsided dinner tray beside it. Any light entering the room was filtered through a dingy window she had long ago given up putting a covering over. Her smoking had put its own film upon the glass. She flipped through the same magazines again, their pages fading from the oils in her fingers. « 6 DOZ Magazine October 2018 Reaching for the cigarettes, she tapped the pack until it r VV6V@FW"F&667ƖFW"ƖvFpW6RVBFVWǒVpFRg&W6W72bFRF&Vf&RFR6Vvrw&6V@W"&G6R&RF2PFvW"FWfW"&Vf&RF&V6VFRB6R6VBfVV7GFPG&&&ƖrFvW"66GFp&66RvVBBvvFFP6VWfRbW"FGFW&VB&&RआW"֖B67&VVBvW"@r6RFF( BFW6W'fRF2ƖfPGFVBFW"W"FV"GV7G2@rvG&VBWVfrǐ&GFW"V&W2g'W7G&F6R7RWBFFRVG"( vB^( fRWfW"VVBRFגƖfRbRvW&R&V^( @fR6R6( rv( ФW"6v&WGFRB'W&VBFvFFRfFW"7GV&&rBWB6P66VBFRvW26^( B&VVpB&R6R6VB6VW6P&S6R&V6VBf"FR&W@V&'B&VFVBW"VBf FRfGFVVBrvV66RFW"F"rBFPF"6RvFW&VBbBv2WfVv'FfrF7vW"BऒfRFV6W&vRFRV'B`VRF&RvFW&RV@F&R6&7BFfGVǒFPBVVVǒFW6vVBwwrFV'&&VR&pVâFV'&&VTFV'&&VR&