DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 38

I continued in this state throughout my first year, and between what my uncle provided for me each month and what I got from helping my roommates with their chores, I was able to have my basic needs met. I did not joke with my studies, as I realised I was privileged to have the opportunity that my uncle had given me, and I didn’t want to abuse it. way to school, Delta State University, Abraka, to pay my tuition fees and undergo the clearance exercise. As soon as my clearance was over I returned home, but only to pack my things, as I had been allocated a room in the school’s hostel. My parents were very pleased indeed and could not form two sentences without praying for my uncle who had made it possible for me to keep my admission into the higher institution. They advised me repeatedly as I packed my meagre belongings in preparation for school. At school, I was given a room with three other girls. One was in her final year and the other two were in their second year. I was the only new student in their midst and they welcomed me with open arms and made it easy for me to settle in. At first I didn’t really mix with them and kept very much to myself. They were very sophisticated young girls with plenty of money to spend, and to a large extent I felt inferior in comparison, especially with the hand-me-down clothes my well-off, older female relatives had given to me upon hearing that I was going to the higher institution. Some of the clothes had seen better days and others were quite big and had Z\ܚY[[X]]H[[][\ H^H[ [YX[[Z[܋˜[Y[[H]YK\܈^H\^H\B[H]XXHY[YHYHYY]^Y\وHY\] HY[ۙ^H܂ ֈXY^[Hؙ\ N^[]HZ\[\HXZ[Z[YH]Z\[\YYHX\Z\[^\]]\H[[]H]H\H\X\[K^H[\HXZH\ۜ\Yو[^YX[[[H\Xˈ\[B[[XY[KH\[H[YHX[\\^B[X]\]Z\\H\[X\ܚY\X] Y[[ۈZ\[\]^B[\H[۝8&\[H][H\[[وHX [HH\H[وH܋BYYY][ܛ[ ]\H\X[\B]X]\]^H\H[[وHX\HY ^H\HXX[HZHYK^H\B[[وH܋\H[Y[[[\^H]][ۋ[Y[[ܙ\Yܙ™[\[[ H]Y[H]Y[[\\[؜\Y][HYZ[[YH^H\H]\\[ ^H[][]وXZKY\K\XH[XZK[^H]\Yۈ[ۙ^H][[]BX\Y\^H[]HY]\\[YY]X[\[Y\[و\B^H[]H[YZ\Z\[\ˈ^H[œ]\Y]Hو\[Y][Y\[]HYHHX[[[[܈^HYYˈH\[^\™ܘ]Y[܈\H\Y\^H[Hۙ^B\[ۈ^Hۈ[[X[\\ ٝ[[Y\’H\YZ\\[YZ\YX[[]\܈[[X[]\˂H۝[YY[\]HY]^H\YX\[]Y[]^H[HݚYY܈YHXX[۝[]HH[[^H[X]\]Z\ܙ\H\XH]H^H\XYY›Y] HYH]^HYY\\HX[\YB\][YY]HHܝ[]H]^H[BY][YK[HY&][X\H] HY[[^H^[\]YX\]^H[H]\YYH]HYH[[[و[ۙ^KH[[Y[X\^H^][Y[\H\]YHXۙ[X\][[Y^H\[\[\\][ۂ܈YX\˂))H۝[YY[H^\YK