DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 31

“They are smart enough to understand my reasons for leaving especially as they have suffered the same neglect from you.” Panic grips me. “Please Andy, don’t leave. I beg you.” “Now you will have all the time in the world to write and remain on top of the New York Times Bestsellers’ list. The children will be staying with me when school closes.” I move to my handsome husband of seventeen years. At forty-six, age has only improved his looks. “Andy, I’m so sorry.” “I understand when you were a struggling writer that you wanted to be a bestselling author. I gave you the space and encouragement you needed. Your novels have topped the charts for five years, but you still have refused to slow down and give us quality attention.” “I’ll stop, this very minute.” “I never asked you to stop writing, just keep your life in a healthy balance is all I have demanded.” “I’ll do just that, beginning from now. Please, Andy, let’s talk about this.” “You’ve never been able to keep that promise, Abby.” He smiled sadly. I hold him tight, plead, cry, even scream, but Andy leaves. My world crashes. How many times have I used that phrase in my novels? ‘Mira’s world crashed when she saw blood...’ or ‘George’s world crashed at the sound of the judge’s gravel.’ I have molded characters that have had the mat pulled off their feet, described how they felt and reacted, but nothing I have ever written aptly describes FRvfVVखגw&Vb&VV&W&VBגV( 267F@v&r( Ŗ^( fRv2&VV&RFF&V7BW"GFVFvFWfW"RvBFFWfW"66RRvW&R6B'WBF&ƖrRW7BF66ƖRW'6VbFVW&6R&WGvVVW"6&VW"Bf֖ǒ( ФB2G'VRFB7V66VVBBvFWfW"6WBגV'Bञ( fW'f7W6VB'FBWFג7V66W720w&FW"g&WVVFǒ7VBw&Fr6fW&V6W0( fRגW6&BBF( Bv@F6R26VG2RFאVW2FVW&WVF6RfP6VBWגFFW6&PBVF&VBגFW7BFVFƖPFVW&VBגWrvFv6rFVWǒ6֗GFVB2F'&rגW6&B&6RN( 0&VV6vVV266RRVgBFRfVRb6֗GFrVƗGGFVF@Vff'BFvFWfW"vRvBFRw&FrBvfVRfRBW'WBWfW'FW"7V7BbאƖfRB7VffW&VBVvV7BW7V6ǒג&W"ƖfPBf֖ǒऒv&VBGvVRvFVBFBR66PBW7BFƲ6ח6VbFR7GVGFfBא6G&V( 2F7G&7F2f7W2גWW2גFBW"f֖ǒfRvG27FWvBFv&7&F66ƖffvW"BvRWFFRF&W&R'&Vf7BGg&WVVFǒ62W"V26V2FRW6RB7VG2FRvFFRGv2vR2vfR7&gFVBFW"&W7G6VƖr&6R( vF( BRG'BƗfRW7BƗGFRbFR&6PRw&FR&WBW"fV3( RgFV6FW2आ266rFW'GW&RW2R&VƗRpWGFW&ǒ6V6FfRB6Vf6fR&VVf"vVV2&W6VvR2ff6RBW"&V6W6RvW&RPfVBFגV2fFVbV'2fRאW6&BBF( BvBF6R26VG2PFגVW2FVW&WVF6RfR6VBWאFFW6&RBVF&VBגFW7BFVFƖPFVW&VBגWrvFv6rFVWǐ6֗GFVB2F'&rגW6&B&6RN( 0&VV6vVV266RRVgBFRGv2&R6֖pRWBvVVFFR&V6W6RV&W7Fǒ&FvBFǒVBvFגW6&B( GV6R6RR( Ф6ǒRFBגV&W7FW72vfbF0FR&VBDvR7F&W"#3 *