DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 30

ANDY, PLEASE Come Home Grace Aideloje “I’m leaving!” I never thought I would ever hear my husband say those words to me, suitcase in hand. I jump up from the chair. A crashing sound startles me. I can’t believe I got up without removing my laptop from my laps. There on the floor, lay my most cherished partner, but right « 30 DOZ Magazine October 2018 now, Andy’s announcement has all my attention. I rush over the laptop to him. “Can we talk about this?” “Oh, now you want to talk?” He sneers. “Please Andy,” I plead, holding on to his arms. He flings my hand away with a force that makes me stagger back. Now, this is serious. Andy hardly gets angry, never gets violent. I eye him warily. “What about the children?” He dotes on our sixteen-year- old female twins. How would they feel when they return from boarding school to find their parents separated?