DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 3

Editor’s Letter Dear Ladies, October is here! I thought I would share with you an amazing praise report I received a few days ago. Minister Wanda Jo Taylor who was featured in DOZ Issue 26 December 2017 has been giving out a good number of hard copies of the issue and she told me how reading her story in the magazine is transforming lives. She had lived like a man for thirty years until Jesus delivered her. In her recent message to me, she said; “I went to my old pastor’s mother’s funeral today, and I knew he has a sister that’s gay or homosexual. She was a fem, and her lover was the stud, and I had been going to that church for almost three years, and I had never seen them. But tonight, I saw both of them, and I showed the stud the magazine, and I told her God loves her, and He has a purpose and a plan for her life. And I told her she was chosen by God, and she is chosen by God because she’s bold and her boldness, dressing like a man, and she doesn’t care what people think about her. She walks around like, this is my life and what! I told them that was me, but I’m not gay anymore, I open the magazine, and they was, Wow! Wow, and that’s not you, and I told them, it was me, but I’m not gay anymore if God delivered me, and then I showed them the front page and they was Wow, He can deliver them. If Jesus delivered me, He can deliver them. So I ask them did they want to come to Christ and they said yes, so I started praising God, and I gave her the magazine, and I give God all the glory and all the honor and all the praise, in Jesus’ name. Amen and glory! Hallelujah!” I was so humbled by this message that I had to share it. To think that when I feature a woman in DOZ Magazine I am releasing her story to affect lives is mind blowing. To God be all the glory. This is DOZ Issue 36, O c tob e r 2 0 1 8 , and we have included inspirational articles and stories that will uplift you and give you hope whatever your current situation might be. And some of them will cause you to reflect deeply. It is domestic violence awareness month, and we have included a story on domestic violence, titled 1960. We hope this will cause you to empathize and reach out to women who may be experiencing domestic violence and if you are experiencing it yourself, we hope that this story moves you to take action to protect and preserve yourself from harm. Our DOZ That Inspire You, for this issue is, Katrina McCain. Katrina is a former Fashion Model who has been on TV, graced the pages of best-selling magazines such as Vogue and Italia, and cat-walked on the runways of New York’s fashion A-list. She shares with us her life as a model and how she is currently using the experiences and contacts she gained from that world to give back to others. She is a phenomenal young woman, and her story will inspire you. “DOZ Chronicles: Ruki” has begun in this issue. We believe that it will blow your mind…. not literally of course. Hahaha. I look forward to seeing you same time next month. Blessings! DOZ Magazine October 2018 3 «