DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 29

I don’t know what else to say I think it’s done, and I told Jarrett, and he said, I think we need to start looking editors. And I said, are you serious? And he said, yes, let’s start looking at editors and see if maybe we can get published. And I was like, okay. So that’s how it happened. That’s how I started the book and the book itself is a lot about what we’ve talked about in terms of knowing that everyone has worth and plugging in to the Lord to find out what it is that He has for you specifically and then being able to encourage other people in the journey that they’re going through, knowing that none of us are perfect and none of us are going to do things perfectly. But God’s not looking for our perfection to do the work that He’s called us to do, right? I think a lot of times, oh, I can’t do that because I’m struggling in this area, or I made that mistake in my life so I am not the right person to do this or to say that and I just think we just have so many insecurities in our heart based on the things that we’ve done that we cannot take back but God’s interested in the future that He has planned for us, and I think that once we’re able to let go of our attempts at being perfect, the Lord’s love begins to do the changing and the perfecting in us. And so the book is really basically about knowing that you are loved for who you are, where you are, God has something beautiful just for you that you can turn around and encourage somebody else. And when we walk in that truth and that understanding that’s when the whole beauty of who we were all along begins to really shine. And so beyond being good is basically, we’re not here to be good girls, we’re here to be loved by a good God, and He’s going to take care of everything exactly the way that He wants to, in His perfect way. So that’s what this book is about. Awesome. I love it already. Where can people get the book to buy? They can get the book on, or And if you’re local, like right here in North Carolina, there are a few bookstores that I have been corresponding with about having me come to visit to do book signings so I’ll be sure to update all of that on my social media but it’s just a click away, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Christian books. Great. So now, Katrina, how can people contact you if they would like to know more about you and the work that you do? The best way is on my website which is just www., and so there you get like a whole kind of write up about my history, and about the book. There’s a primer video of the book available there too so you can see the book visually. And it has my social media links, my Instagram, my Facebook, and my email address as well, so that’s the best way to get in touch with me. And I also have other blog posts that I have been writing since the book has been going through publication. These are all new things that I’ve been writing about. And then there are pictures of me, and my daughter, my husband, my friends, it’s a very interactive website I have been told, so I hope people enjoy it. That’s where you would go to get directly to me and learn more about me. Photo Credit: Credit for Katrina McCain’s Photos: Porshia Hernandez J. Hampden Shana Jarrett DOZ Magazine October 2018 29 «