DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 28

Sounds great. And Pearls of Hope has a project called Fashion Beyond Borders Charity Runway Show. So, what is the vision of this charity, runway show? So that show is a product of a mission trip that we went to in 2016. We fell in love with one of the schools there, the school is actually in an impoverished area where there was a lot of crime and sex trafficking going on in the public school, so they opened up this private school so that the families had an option because a lot of the kids were being recruited, into drugs and sex trafficking in the public school. So when we came back home from this mission trip, we were like we want to do something, we want to give back, we don’t want to just say we had a great experience, and then move on with our lives. So we were trying to figure out how can we raise money to help them money that would acrually go a long way, and the only way I knew to make any kind of big money was fashion. I mean I don’t know how else to get a whole lot of money, and so I just reached out to some people in the industry that I had kept ties with, and they were like yeah let’s do it we’ll help you all we can, and so Fashion Beyond Borders was born. And it’s really great because everybody volunteers and a hundred percent of the proceeds are given away. We’ve been able to bless the school; this is the third year doing the show, it’s been amazing. It’s given me another outlet into fashion, given me a chance to coach lots of models at the same time. I think last year we had forty models, and so being hands-on with forty aspiring models was really rewarding and fulfilling for me, and at the same time, we’re remembering people that the world has forgotten and so that’s the whole premise behind Fashion Beyond Borders. You must be very fulfilled. I am! But it’s all fun; I don’t see it as work, it’s fun. Because like I said I get to re-connect with old fashion comrades and old friends that had helped me in my career and now are helping me give back to the world. « 28 DOZ Magazine October 2018 That’s just phenomenal. Excellent job. Well done. Thank you. So, let’s talk about your book, Beyond Being Good: Seeking Christ’s Perfection for Our Imperfect Hearts. I love that title by the way. Why did you choose to write this book and what is the book about? Okay. So, you’re not going to believe me, I promise you. I wasn’t trying to write a book (she laughs). Wonderful things that happen to me always happen by accident because I was not pursuing becoming an author although I’d always hoped that, in the back of my mind, one day I could pack on that kind of endeavour. So, once Pearls of Hope became a federal recognized nonprofit organization, we were told that you’ve got to keep people abreast on what you’re doing so that people can know what they’re giving to. So we started a blog post about what we’re doing, and somewhere I kind of turned towards what I’m learning and people were like oh, that’s really good that’s really great, and then we were transitioning from one site to another site and I was afraid to lose some of the blog posts, so I started saving them and reading them just kind of critiquing my own work and next thing I knew I just had all these thoughts, and it just felt like a book that I didn’t mean to write. At that time I was working on what ended up being the third chapter of the book, and I was reading it to my husband, and he was like, it’s really good, this is really good. And I said I think I want to write more, I think I want to write a book, and he was like well do it, so I did it (she laughs). I did it, and it took me about nine months, and I finished it. And I remember closing my computer and thinking what’s next and “ I am! But it’s all fun; I don’t see it ́ݽɬ)ӊéո ͔$ͅ$ЁѼɔ)ЁݥѠ͡Ʌ́)ɥ́ѡЁ䁍ɕ)܁ɔٔѼѡ)ݽɱ