DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 27

and comparing. And I feel that this modeling though I went about it the wrong way in terms of just kind of developing a vanity but as I began to grow and mature and just kind of get connected with God, He started softening my vanity out to just self-love and self-appreciation, meaning I don’t have to put myself above somebody else to feel good about who I am, and I don’t have to make sure that I am the prettiest girl in the room. I just have to be happy with who He’s made me to be and celebrate who He’s made other people to be. And I feel that with modelling I was able to just learn from so many different types of people from so many different walks of life and that has made me rounded in terms of just being able to love all kinds of people and knowing that none of us are perfect, but we all have something to offer. So I think that the greatest lesson I’ve gained from modelling is that everybody has their own beauty and it deserves to be celebrated no matter who they are. Awesome. No doubt the young ladies that you coach are blessed to have you coach them. Thank you (she laughs). I like to think so. Let’s talk about Pearls of Hope, which is the Bible study group that you founded in 2013; I believe it was. What motivated you to start this group? I don’t have these big vision board plans so, with Pearls of Hope, it was not anything like I’m going to sit down and start a non-profit organization, absolutely not. It just kind of came about (she laughs). I just got married, and we were trying to figure WBv@vRvW&RvrFFFW&2b6W&6W2Wp&Vv^( BfVBFw&VV6&&g&6&GFRB6FF( BvBW2Bfr6W&6RFffV7Bג&VF6vFFR&B67F'FVBאvW'6&&R7GVFW2BFR6RFR@g&VG2vƗfVBw&VV6&&v&R'BbFP֖7G'FBFBBfRvV( 2w&WFW@6VBFRVFW'2FV"6W&6ƖRFW&^( 2B`vVBF26W&6vR6W'fRBvRfVFVW"vPvVB&VǒƖRFfRW"vvV( 2֖7G'vVf"vFWfW &V6FRVFW'6v2V&PFFW&RFFV"&WVW7BBאg&VBW7BBb6fFVBPBv2ƖRF&&R7GVGגW6RN( 2W7BR'WB^( &PvV6RF6RbRvB6Rg&VB7GVǒ6RB6PfVBBB6BFBWfW'F'WB&RRB6FB6PvVVB6Rv2ƖR6FRWBvVV6R'&w2W766BFRWBvVV6W'FWV'0&WBBB6R6W2B&Vf&PRrBBRv&26֖pFגW6RWfW'vVVBF@v2&WGGV6W&vr'&WG@BBǒ&VV'&VB@WfVFWB6frPVRW"W6RWfW'vVVBFBvVBf"fW"V'26f"fW"V'2WfW'vVVW Ɨfr&vRvVBfR&&R7GVGvFFW6Pv&2BFWvVB'&rg&VG2B6G6vBB6VB&RvW&Rg&RFGvVfPVRW"Ɨfr&BW7BF27BV"vRvW&RvfVFR'GVGFVWBBfb6FP6F6VRfVFVW&VBFV"VWFr&Цf"W26FBvfRW2'GVGFB&RגW6R&RB6g&FW&RvRW7BfV@ƖRv^( &RFr&&R7GVFW2v^( &RfrFW6Pw&VB6fW'6F2v^( &RvWGFr66W"FvB'W@FW&^( 2BW2W7BV&rBB&7F6pvBv^( &RV&r6vR7F'FVBfVFVW&rvP7F'FVB7&VFrW"vWG&V6'GVFW2@FBVBW2F&&&w&RFBvV@76"&v旦FBvWBFV67&VFFV@f"&fBB6vRƖVBBvRvW&P66WFVBBfWrvVV2FW"vRvW&Rff6&fB&v旦F6FN( 2rFBVVBDvR7F&W"##r *