DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 25

laughs). Walking around with that kind of vanity, but some of that was just immaturity, but I’ve definitely grown out of that. I am in a place now where I can appreciate everybody’s beauty, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a model or you’re working in the check-out line, everybody has something beautiful that you can celebrate. But I think modelling allowed me to learn about the world, to accept different types of people and then find where my place is, you know. Yes. Amazing. Why did you choose to retire? In my opinion, I don’t know what it is like in that world, but in my opinion, you’re still very young, and I thought that you would have wanted to stay on and do some more work. So, why did you choose to retire and what are your plans going forward? Yeah. So I am young. I am very young in the regular world, in the modelling world, I am not. So, the regular model would start her career at 13 years old; I started my career at 19. So I was already like years behind all these other girls. There was my first cont ract, like I said, I was 19, but they signed me as being 17 years old. And I had another contract, maybe I was 21, but I was 18 on paper. I laugh about it. I was 17 for like four years. And you know it’s almost like you’re working for everybody. So I am working for the designer, I am working for my agent, and DOZ Magazine October 2018 25 «