DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 23

be two agents from New York in the audience that came backstage and offered me a contract so that’s how I got into modelling. It was not intentional at all; I didn’t pursue it exclusively because I was in school still, working on a bachelors degree. Still, I would spend a lot of my summers going back and forth to Atlanta, going to New York, going to L.A, and then I would pick up local work that I could while I was actually in class. Those experiences really did shape up my personality in terms of just forcing me to be more of a girl which was my hope and goal for myself all along, because I spent a lot of my high school years just feeling overlooked and feeling left out. And I just thought, you know what I am in college I want to kind of look differently, I want to have friends, I want to go out, I want to have a social life, so I am going to have to recreate myself. So modelling allowed me the platform to do that. Yeah, it was crazy just because I was going through school and fashion at the same time, which most girls only did fashion. I had a lot on my plate but I made it work, and it’s something that I would never ever ever forget Hmm….well, it does sound like something very memorable. This was sort of a defining moment for you, you were not expecting it, someone had been invited to the show, and you just happened to fit into the extra dress that she had, and you went along to the show, and it opened up an entirely different experience to you. If that had not occurred, what do you think would have happened in your life. So, if you had not gone to that event on that day, what path do you think you would have taken, what path did you already have planned? Oh, that’s a really good question. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know what my life would have looked like. I think I just kind of would have gone about life like normal. I think I would have been more involved in college life. I think maybe I would have tried to be more outgoing by joining different college organisations maybe. I probably would have got a regular job, and you know, focused on my studies. I certainly would not have been able to travel the way I did. I certainly wouldn’t have met the people that I’ve met, so I think yeah, it definitely would have taken a different path in my life for sure. Great. So what was life like as a model and what did you find most fulfilling about that line of work? Life of FVƖr27&6RVv2N( 2fW'f7CBF&&FR7BbFRFRvVBFא66v&FR֖FFRbFRvBƖRGvF&VRfW"ffR66FR&rB@F&Rf&RGW&rFRF&V6W6RRWfW rvV^( &RvrFvWB6BFW( &PƖRWvRVVBRFF6W'2@g&vW&RƗfR'F6&ƖFFF0ƖRF&VRBbW'267BFW2vV@G&fRFFFf"F&VRBbW'2BFখFW'fWrf"GvVGffR֖WFW2BfRFG&fPFW"F&VRBbW'2&6R6v^( &RFƶr&WB6WfVW'2bG&frFfRGvVGffR֖WFR6W76W2W26RVv26vV'GVG6Pg&Wr&&WGGV6BF6֗BFR7B&V6W6RbBBFR'GVG֖v@fR&VVvfVF6VRV6R6&Vǒ6VF( @VBv6FB67BRfWr'GVFW2FW&2bW7BWW&V6r6VvRƖfR'WBRr&VǒvFVBF6֗BFFVƖr&V6W6Rv0&VǒG'rF&R6fW"v&v2&VǒG'rFRF26&VW"6WFrFBvVBRPfW2B6v2vƖrF6&֗6RB`FRBגvW'6FW&W7BFW'7VRF06RBFVBג6VBv2&Vǒf7@6VBBbFffW&VBGW2bVRFBWBBbFffW&VBv2bƗfrBv2gVBv0DvR7F&W"##2 *