DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 22

K atrina McCain is a former Fashion Model who has been on TV, graced the pages of best-selling magazines such as Vogue and Italia, and cat-walked on the runways of New York’s fashion A-list. She is the founder and president of Pearls of Hope Outreach, a women’s Bible study group that seeks to provide Godly and encouraging friendships and she is passionate about encouraging women of all ages to, live for Jesus authentically. She is the director of Fashion Beyond Borders Charity Runway Show, an event created by Pearls of Hope. She is also the author of the book, Beyond Being Good: Seeking Christ’s Perfection for Our Imperfect Hearts. She is a wife and mother. Katrina speaks on her career as a model and life after retirement. Be inspired. Hi Katrina. I am looking forward to our chat, and I was hoping that you would begin by telling us a little bit about yourself. My name is Katrina McCain; I am from Charlotte North Carolina. I have been married for five years, and I, am growing, and I am learning, and I am really excited about what the Lord has planned for me moving forward. That’s awesome. So, you were a fashion model up until two or three years ago. Could you please tell us how you got into this line of work, what was it like, and was it something you always wanted to do? Okay. No, it wasn’t (she laughs). The majority of my adolescent, young adulthood, was pretty timid. I had a few insecurities; you know the typical thing that most girls go through in terms of just their looks and social acceptance and all that. No, modelling wasn’t something I was pursuing, I did model for « 22 DOZ Magazine October 2018 nine years but how that started was, an opportunity in Charlotte arose called Charlotte Fashion Week, and it was a pretty legitimate fashion show, smaller than New York Fashion Week but had a lot of New York industry influencers that were part of the show. So, there was someone in my class who needed an extra person for a gown she wanted to showcase, and she had a hard time finding someone with the right measurement. I don’t really think the girl, and I had much of a relationship in class, but she turned just around one day and was like, you’re really tall, and you’re really skinny. Would you like to try out and see if you could fit this dress? And at the time, like I said, I was really trying to find myself, really trying to like emerge from my shy character, so I said yes, I fit the dress perfectly, and did the show. It was incredible, I’d never been in an environment like that and like I said, because it was a new show, it brought along a lot of buzz and there happened to