DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 20

brought guilt and shame. Martha explained the popular verses some pastors misused to control their wives: Genesis 3:16, Ephesians 5:22 & 24, 1st Peter 3:1, Malachi 2:16, and 1st Timothy 2:11. “Read on,” Sue urged. Martha turned to 1st Samuel 25:1, and read the story about Abigail and Nabal. “God released Abigail from a nasty and violent husband.” The women found comfort in the story. The words gave them strength, comfort, and hope. The sanative words soothed their spirits. “If I kill myself would I go to heaven?” Betty asked Martha. “Betty, please move in with me. I’ll help you! Death is not the solution!” Martha hugged Betty tightly. Martha’s house was a haven for abused women and children. “Kate, I stay because of my children and because I love him. He’s a good father and provider. He doesn’t abuse our kids. He only hits me after he’s drank too much communion wine.” Mary blamed the violence on the alcohol. “God hates divorce and so do I. My marriage vows said for better or for worse.” “Good fathers don’t abuse the mothers of their children,” Kate replied firmly. « 20 by name with heartfelt words of encouragement and safety. The women put on their plastic smiles again. “See you next month,” echoed from trembling lips. Martha stood by the door and hugged each person as they exited the dreary basement. Three weeks later Martha and Kate stood beside the casket at the funeral home. It was too risky for the other group members to attend. Rain poured from the opaque sky. The group was solemn at the next meeting. Betty’s suicide traumatized the group. Words stuck in their throats. Martha broke the silence with uncontrollable sobbing. The group looked shocked. Martha, their anchor, and rock was not supposed to give up hope. Golda and Sue tried to comfort Martha. “You did all you could,” Emma gently stated. At the next meeting, Kate made an astounding announcement. “My husband resigned from the church. He told the church board about our problems. He confessed that he abuses me and promised to stop.” A small ray of hope began to shine in their souls. Sue asked for the name of Kate’s counselor. “You don’t have kids, and you don’t understand!” Mary shouted as the tears flowed. “I’ve made a decision too,” Judy commented, “I’m divorcing my husband. I’m tired of being a victim.” “It’s almost time to go. Let’s end in prayer.” Martha listed each person Martha replied, “Judy, I’ll help you make a safety plan.” DOZ Magazine October 2018 “I’m ready for you to take pict ɕ)䁉ե͕͔́$݅ЁѼ)͡܁ѡɥЁɥѕ)ȁɍȁѽɹ䳊t))Ց䁙ɵхѕ+q)Ց䰁ݡЁȁ͉)ԁ́tɥ)́ɹѽ݅ɐ)Ց七q$)Օ́'e䁄ոȁٔѼ)ѡȁхєt)5ѡ͡ɕȁ̸q'e)ѼѼѠ͕)ɽ́Ёѥ٥) ɥѥ̰ɍ̰)幅Օ̸qQѥ́ɥ)%ӊéѥѼ٥ѥ)٥ٽ̸%ЁݽeЁ)Ё$ٔѼ䇊tQݽ))5ѡѡɽݥѠ)Ʌȸ1٥ѡ)͕аѡɽѼѡ)ɕ͠ȸ)5̈́ɥѕ́Ёѡ)յѥѥ