DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 15

she pleaded with the guard to grant her access to the company premises. She observed that certain persons were not asked to show their passes. She observed why they were not required to show their passes. And she observed how they were dressed in comparison to her. Her observation led to a decision which dramatically changed her life. 4. Great women tell themselves the truth. In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet, Polonius says: “This above all: to thine own self be true.” Juliet Shihong told herself the truth; she was poor, she was shabby, she was dirty, and for this reason, she was humiliated. Period. It was nothing personal. If she did not want to be humiliated, then she had to become the opposite of poor, shabby and dirty. It was that simple. Many are where they are because they refuse to tell themselves the truth, they are in denial concerning every area of their lives and until they tell themselves the truth they cannot take steps to change their lives. 5. The difference between great women and mediocre women is what they do with their anger. Juliet Shihong was humiliated and in anger, vowed never to be treated like that again, and she did something about it, she changed her lifestyle, and the new lifestyle brought her into a position where humiliation by the company’s guard became a thing of the past. Mediocre women also get angry and make vows, but then they do nothing to enforce the change that will give them their desires, so the proverb is said concerning them, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. 6. Great women know how to use negative experiences as motivation to reach for the top. Another difference between great women and mediocre women is that when faced with the type of situation that Juliet Shihong experienced, a great woman will be propelled by it and a mediocre woman will be destroyed by it. Adversity or negative experiences never defeat women who have minds like steel traps; rather they ride on the wings of such experiences to their mountaintop. 7. Great women understand that to have a better future, one must take steps to change one’s daily routine and habits. The things we do every day are responsible for our current reality. If we want a better future, we must change our daily routines and habits. Doing things, the same way and hoping for a different outcome has been defined as insanity. Juliet Shihong stopped watching television and started reading books. She started arriving earlier for work and leaving later. These were daily changes, and they soon took her where she wanted to be. 8. Great women have no time to make excuses or to dwell on the reasons why they can’t have their dreams. Juliet Shihong had no academic qualification, but she didn’t dwell on this, and neither did she use it as an excuse to give up even before she had tried. 9. Great women understand that to get what you want, you must first begin by acting as if. Juliet Shihong wanted to be an executive, and so she began to dress and act like one. She changed her clothes, and she changed her attitude toward work and her work ethics. No one becomes an executive by arriving late and being the first to jump out when the closing bell rings. 10. Great women know that with determination, focus and hard work eventually comes success. They pursue their dreams, and they keep at it, come what may, until they win. We tell the story of Juliet Shihong like it was an easy journey to embark on and stay on even when it looked like it would not pay off. I am certain it was no easy ride. I am certain that there were the mockers who would have said to her, how are you going to achieve all that is in your heart when you did not go to school? Many would have told her she was wasting her time. She would have been mocked by her fellow junior staff for arriving early and leaving late, they probably said, is it your establishment or your father’s? So, it was no easy journey, but she stayed on until she won because great women know that determination, focus, and hard work will always result in success. 11. Gre BvV7&RFW'2FV"7F'vfW2RB6VG07&726RW76vRRF@62b666RVƖW@6~( 27F'FV2FW'2FBFW66vRFV"6&7V7F6W0f"FR&WGFW"DvR7F&W"#R *