DOZ Issue 36 October 2018 - Page 14

DOZ Leadership Lessons Juliet Wu Shihong Eturuvie Erebor The story of Juliet Wu Shihong is the story of hard work, determination, resilience, focus, and success. She is one of China’s first-generation professional managers, and she attained success by working her way up the ranks from a cleaner, to a marketing executive, all the time educating herself and intentionally learning on the Job. She was the general manager for the Chinese branches of Microsoft from 1985 to 1998, and IBM from 1998 to1999. In 2008, she founded Shanghai Blackspace Info. Tech. Co. Limited and is the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Today, she is a top executive, but, this was not her beginning. Juliet Shihong started working at the lowest rung o HY\\؈\\XH[Y\Hܜˈ[[YHH^H][[B\YHܙ]\HYۙH]وHZ[[˜[\Y\YKY[HHH\[x&\X\X]\HHܙ\Y\ˈ\HXYY MֈXY^[Hؙ\ N]HX\ ^Z[[\YX[Y[ X[ۈXYX\H؜\Y\\YوB\[H\HX\H\Y[\[\˜]\H[YYH]\]]][œZ\\\ˈH[Y\]HX\ ]HYۛܙY\][Z[X][^\Y[BX[YHH\[[܈[Y]ZۙˈBYY[[Z[X]Y [\HXY XB܈H\[YK\XH\[H\B\H\\[H[ܙX][YH[Bو\[Y\Y[K]]Y&][\NBY]\H[YY[]X[\YZ[]ZXH\\[\]\HH\[\]\BܛHHYY[\Y܈Z\\\HXYY[H\\X\[KBY[]H[[\[\\ؙKH[˜Y[][\Z[ H]Y][[]\[ۈ[Y[[[YHXY[˂\ܚ]X[[Y XX^HH\B\\]H]HٙXH[H\X]K]\۸&]ۙYܙHH\[HXYH[B[\[XYH\H[\\\[]]K[\^H^KH\\\ܞKXY\\\ۜHHYHق[Y]HZۙŒKܙX]Y[ۛ]^H]HH\˜[HZ\\[\[\ˈ\HY[[\[][Y^H[[X]Z\\ ^H[[HZ\\[YXZ\]\KܙX]Y[]ۛ[^H]^HۛˈY[ۙH\ZY]ۛ˜[\ۛˈHYܙYK[Y]Zۙšۙ]H[[H\YH[H]]ۛYHܚ˂ˈܙX]Y[\H؜\[ [Y]Zۙ›؜\YH[ۈ]YKX[[^H\