DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 9

Becky’s Story B Jennifer Woodley ecky’s hand hovered over the send button on her computer. She hesitated. What if the lady was not her aunt? But then again, what if she really was? Fear and anticipation swirled together in a hazy mist in her mind. Send. It was gone. Now the dreaded wait for a response. was I aware that my father had any siblings, and so I am contacting you to see if you are my aunt and if I have any other family that I don’t know about. I have emailed every Ruth Watkins found on Facebook, and you are the final one I am contacting. Awaiting your reply, Becky MacDonald ……….. Ruth settled at her desk with a steamy, spicy chai. She skimmed through her emails noticing nothing new until the last one caught her attention. Disbelieving, her eyes flashed across the name, Becky MacDonald. Hurriedly she opened it, why was her connection so slow this morning? The email read: Dear Ruth Watkins, I am wondering if you are the sister of my deceased father, Gregory MacDonald? Not until this morning ………. Becky reopened the small hand painted wooden box that belonged to her mother, Pauline. She carefully lifted out the letters that lay inside, some for over 40 years. Becky located the one that was about to change her life. Dated 25th March, 1995 it read: Happy 21st Birthday Becky! I hope that you have a blessed day. I keep praying that we might meet one day soon and share our lives together. All my love to you, your Aunty Ruth DOZ Magazine September 2018 9 «