DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 31

Music T in the Noise Francie Snell he windows in the office rattled as a door slammed somewhere in the house. Linda gawked at the clock on her desk -- 11:05 am. “Already? Oh please Lord, not now, not yet.” Then came the sound, a low rumble at first, like a storm building in the distance. Anxiously she raked her fingers through her hair as the clamor of footsteps and claws scraping on wood floor climbed ominously up the stairwell until …they were just outside the door. Thump, thump, thump. Linda moaned and clasped her hands over her ears. “I can do this. I can do this.” Suddenly the door flew open, and three little boys and a dog bounded into the room. They stood with mirthful anticipation in their eyes as the dog wildly wagged its tail. “Hey mom, we’re hungry. Can we have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch?” The dog woofed. “Oh yeah, but no peanut butter for Rufus. It gets stuck to the top of his mouth.” All the boys snickered and then dashed out the door. Linda trudged down the steps after them and into the kitchen while the boys climbed onto the chairs around the table. Johnny yelled. “Strawberry jelly, K mom?” Joey chimed. “I want Raspberry.” James cleared his throat and folded his hands. “I would like both, with extra peanut butter, please.” Moments later three sandwiches appeared before each boy. The boys giggled and made faces at each other while talking through the food in their mouths. James scowled. “Maam, Joey was being mean to me outside. Can you punish him?” Joey shot up straight in his chair and shouted. “I was not.” He stared menacingly at his brother. ”But if I was, you deserved it.” “I did not!” “Did too!” “Did not!” “Did too! “Now boys,” their mother said in a high note, “remember the rules: no whining, no yelling, no screaming. Only inside voices when we’re at the table…remember?” They all moaned, “Yeah mom,” and shoved the last bite of lunch into their mouths. Immediately, chairs squeaked against the kitchen floor as the boys pushed themselves away from the table. “Thanks, mom!” each called out as they scrambled DOZ Magazine September 2018 31 «