DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 30

“ I wasn’t thrilled with the color, but decided worst case scenario, I could try holding my breath in as much possible for a few hours, and hopefully I wouldn’t rip the seams. to be ruined by a 2 year old--demonstrating just how unimportant the dress was to Him. that’s what happens with me, and at some point is sure to happen to you. From the sermon, I was also reminded His ways are not our ways. He knew the dress I wore was going to take me out of my comfort zone. He knew before I went shopping for a dress, when He had made possible for me to find a dress at the end of my desperate search, just as He knew when I bought fabric for a custom dress that would was more modest, that His plan was for me to wear the one I would feel the least comfortable in—not because it didn’t fit well—but because He needed for me to be uncomfortable enough to hear and receive the lesson from Him that I needed in order to receive the bl \[\H\[] \ZXZ ^\8'H[Y\[H[\XXXKHZ[\^YYۈYNX]\HB\][YK'B[\۸&]]ZH ܈[ܚ]B^H^HY \[H\[\\[\[\BYܝXH[H[\8'ܛ'H[BۛYH[[\[[وH\ˈ[ܙBٝ[[ H\YܝHY[\[[[ۘ[8%XY[\[XH\[\YܙH[H[ܙ\X\و[H[KH\۸&]ܘH\˜[][]YH۝[YHYZ[KH[XY\Hۘ\[ۈH[]H\XX ܈YK\[YKHY\YH\ˈ܈[K]X^HHY][[H][H]H\Z]YYH[]XܙYXH]HH\]\\\[[ [[HHXZ][\”\][XXH[YHو[K[[x&\HY[]Y][]\\۸&]Y[Y [][]]\\[H›HY\܈XZH܈X\][Y[Bۛ]\[HXH[x&]HXYK[B]HؘXH[ٙ\H[X^HH]ق[YۛY[]8&\[܈[K]X\ x&]H[ ֈXY^[H\[X\ NH^HXXH[\ܘ\[HX]\H^HZ[\›]و\ˈ^HYYXYHKB\YY]][ܙX]HY][\X KBY][]Y&]X]\K][[H[ۙ\Y[H\[Hو\[^H\] [ܝ BYXYHY\[HHܛ[^HZ[][\[\\\]\[[[] H]\\H\\X[ۈ]YHق\ [[HYܝXY]H\X[ۈ^\]Bو[H\][H[[[ H]\H\˜Hܙ][ ݚ[\\\Z\Z\[\ܜX[ۈ\[\و\[[[\˜X\Z] H^[YH[x&\H[H]X][ۈ[[[\[\[H]Y\[ۋ8'[HܛYH]\O KH\[܈][X[XH[[ž[H][x&]H[ٙ\K[^H[YZ[H[Y[K\[\[[H]X[\[\K]X\[[KYH\[[HY[[\X\[Z[ [B[ܙZ]HXXH[H]H[ۛH]B[H[[H[XZ[[\\[K܈[ܙHYYو[\][ۈ܈[T\܂Yx(˚[\\XY^[KK[Y\›ۙHܙ [\\XY^[KK[Y[H\B\YH\Y\YKH[Y[܈۝XYK\Y\[\][\\XY^[PXZ[ KTN[T\XY^[p [YY›و[\][ۈ܈[T\܈Yx(