DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 28

wedding only weeks away, it felt good that I could check buying a dress off my to-do list. But as much as I appreciated my husband’s approval, I wasn’t completely sold on the dress with promise because of the low cut in back that rested just below the point where my regular bra would normally stop, leaving me feeling exposed. Even with my strapless bra, I felt self-conscious having my back unprotected. By now, my friends at the office were well aware I had gone shopping for a dress, and were anxious to hear how it had gone. I confessed I had purchased two, but had misgivings about both and the reasons why. One of my friends quickly referred me to her seamstress. This friend is a former wedding planner and a stickler for details. She said her seamstress could make me a dress and without a pattern. So, I got really excited about the prospects of having her seamstress make me a custom dress. I found a dress online that I really liked and the seamstress was eager to make it for me (and I might add at a fraction of the cost). I shopped and shopped until I found fabric I liked, she took measurements and the process was well under way. So, the task of finding “a dress” had quickly evolved into having “the perfect dress” for my son’s wedding. Getting “the dress” completed was a process that took a great deal of collaboration with the seamstress. We became a unit of one working together diligently to « 28 DOZ Magazine September 2018 get the dress completed. However, “the dress” had begun consuming my thoughts and a good deal of time with travel for fittings and further deliberation about the shape the dress was taking. The seamstress was very careful to get my input at each step of the process, which I appreciated. Finally, the day had arrived. I was to pick up the dress after work the Monday before the wedding day, which was on Saturday. I was so excited that “the dress” would finally be completed. Shortly before noon, I received a call from the seamstress—which was not a good sign. I thought maybe she was going to tell me she needed another day to get it completed, which would have bee )%ѕ͡ѽ́ѥ䁅́ͥ)ѡЁȀȁ啅ȁɅ՝ѕȁѕ)ѕȁѡɕ̸MɥѼɕٔ)͔ЁձeЁ͔ѡх)$݅́مхѕ$݅ѕѼ䰁Ёѡѕ)ݽձeЁ́$Ёѡ)ͽѡձѡЁѡхձ)ɕٕݥѠɽͥ%Ё݅́)ɕ$ͥ䁍ձeЁٔѡѥ)ЁѼɍ͔ЁѡɥЁѕɥ$)ɝЁѥ$Ѽɥٕٔȁչɕ)ѼѡɥЁѼѥѡЁ)Ѡѡ͕ɕ́Ѽqѡɕϊt