DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 26

H ow in the World Did I Get Here? Carol Douglas Lyles H ave you ever asked yourself this question? Perhaps, stemming from a bad decision you made or dealing with a set of circumstances well beyond your control, you wondered what you could or should have done differently to prevent the situation you now find yourself in. Yet, sometimes you learn after the fact, what looked like the worst decision ever initially actually happened the way it was supposed to because a blessing came from it you hadn’t expected. There is an old axiom, “You have to go through in order to get to where God is leading you.” You’ve probably heard this familiar passage or something similar because it tends to work this way for most of us. And as for me, more times than I would care to admit in my flesh, but in my spirit, I know God works all things together in my life for good. He gets the Glory in everything that happens in my life according to Romans 8:28, which brings me to the most recent incident that caused me to ask myself that question. I had just returned from a trip and was trying to remove the cord from the computer bag I had used to « 26 DOZ Magazine September 2018