DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 24

mother, that’s my heart. Ruva, this journey began because of your personal experience, but possibly this is not what you had planned from early on in life. So, if you were not doing this job, what job would you be doing? I would be an air hostess (she laughs). I’ve always wanted to be an air hostess. I love planes. I love flying; I love travelling, so yeah. I definitely wanted to be an air hostess. (more laughter). Well, that is very interesting to know. So, what are your plans for the future with regards to your ministry? At the moment, I am planning my first annual Beauty For Ashes Women and Girls Conference here in the UK, and I need a lot of help with it. At this conference, I’m going to also be giving single mothers and single women who are expecting children some gifts, things like strollers, Moses’ basket, diapers, baby clothes, milk bottles and things like that. It’s something that God has placed in my heart to do at my first annual conference. Interesting. So, what advice do you have for Christian women who are single mothers who are struggling with criticism, judgment, and rejection within and outside the church and who feel that their lives are over because they are either pregnant outside of wedlock or have had a baby outside wedlock? My advice to them is simply this; there is life after this. You don’t have to live within the reaction of what took place; you don’t have to live within your The women who have daughters who are pregnant or are single mothers, my advice to them is pray for them, take time to check on them, because it’s not easy being a single mum. Don’t criticise them, don’t judge them, because they’ve already done that, they’ve already judged themselves, they’ve already condemned themselves. « 24 DOZ Magazine September 2018