DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 23

of like that. You can’t strengthen someone when you are weak yourself. Wow. It’s really amazing how pain can birth purpose. Amazing. But how can a woman have a comeback? How can she find her life again, find her dreams again, after a major setback? Yeah. A woman can find her life again by simply returning to God. Like I mentioned earlier, in Job 22:23 it says, if you return to the Almighty, you shall be built up, God can build you up again into a woman who is free, mind body and spirit and soul. But it first starts by you returning to God and saying, Lord, this is what happened, and I need you to build me up again. And God is faithful to do what He has said, to do what He has promised in His word. So, you had to go through the entire process? Yes. The entire process. No shortcuts. (She laughs). Yes. No shortcuts. God doesn’t do shortcuts. No, He doesn’t. (She laughs). So, the entire process was necessary to mould you and shape you into the woman who would be able to handle this kind of ministry? Yes, and also encourage and uplift and empower others, because you can’t encourage uplift and empower others from a place of ignorance, where you have been. Just like Jesus when He spoke to Simon said, the enemy desires to sift you as wheat but I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail. So when you have been strengthened go strengthen your brethren. So, it’s kind You’ve told us about how your book has impacted others, but how has it impacted you? How has the book and the ministry impacted your own life? It has impacted my life in terms of my faith, even in my walk with God, it has made me want to chase after God even more for myself because the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits. Again, it has also impacted me also to practice what I preach to live what I preach even me as a leader and mentor to look at my own life and say what would I advise other people if they were in the same predicament as I am, so it has been an eyeopener. And it has impacted me in ways that I was so oblivious to. I was like on my God, if this was to happen or if that was to happen, what will I do? And it has caused me to even stronger in my prayer life even in interceding for people. It has made me love VRWfV&RFfRV'Bf VRf"vVBv&2BWfVf"FR6vPB27FVBגƖfRFW&2bגfFWfVגvƲvFvBB2FPRvBF66RgFW"vBWfV&Rf"ח6Vb&V6W6RFRVRFBrFV vB6&R7G&rBFWG2DvR6WFV&W"##2 *