DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 21

walk into destiny and execute purpose as a slave, in your mind, your victory is first won in your mind. We have to think the right things. And even looking at soul-ties, a soul tie is an emotional bond or connection that you might have with someone, and if you are tied to the wrong person or the wrong people, it’s going to be a stumbling block to you executing your purpose and not just as a woman but as a person in general. I had a peek into your book, and I saw that you dedicated it to women struggling with the battle of the mind and soul-ties. What impact do you think that these factors, that is, the battle of the mind and soul-ties have on a woman’s ability to execute her God-given assignment and fulfil destiny? Oh, that’s a good question (she laughs). You know the book is meant for believers in general, it’s the battle of the mind it’s not the battle against the enemy you know, because the enemy is already defeated. But it’s the battle of the mind because once the enemy has your mind, he can control you, he can control you by planting wrong mentalities, wrong ideologies, wrong thoughts and as you meditate on these wrong things, you are watering them, and as you water them, they begin to grow and grow and eventually, they become a stronghold, and the way you think and what you think about yourself is very crucial before you can execute your God-given assignment and fulfil destiny because as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, so you can’t These factors, can they also be obstacles to a woman being fully restored? Oh yes. Absolutely. Because there are a lot of women out there, who, think negatively about themselves instead of thinking about themselves the way that God thinks about them, which is a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, God’s special person. Instead of them declaring, I am a woman who is clothed in strength and dignity I am a woman with wisdom, they are saying and thinking the exact opposite. And when you have the wrong mindset, it clogs your vision because you first see it with your mind before you see it with your eyes. So, your vision first starts in the mind, so if you have the wrong mentality, it clogs that, your vision. And when you have the wrong soul-ties, now there are good soul-ties, godly soul-ties, but the wrong one, it will definitely distract you from being restored because it will definitely become a yoke, definitely. “ A woman can find her life again by simply returning to God. Like I mentioned earlier, in Job 22:23 Okay. So, what is the solution to these issues? How can women be free from these mind battles or negative mindsets and how can they be free from soul-ties? Yes, the solution to the first issue, which is the battle of the mind, is found in Ephesians 6:17 it says to put on the helmet of salvation, you literally have to be cautious about what you think about yourself and how you think about yourself. You know the standard of our thoughts DOZ Magazine September 2018 21 «