DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 20

How have women received the book and how has the book impacted them? Oh, the response to the book has been so amazing. It has impacted them by giving them hope, faith, and courage because a lot of times when life’s situation happens to us, women and girls and ladies, we react negatively to those situations, and we end up living in within the reaction of what took place, and so it’s been amazing. One testimony that stood out to me was when after a young lady from America she read the book, and she said, you know, I had planned to get an abortion on Friday but then she cancelled it after she read the book, so it is really really encouraging. Wow. You are an amazing woman. I just want to know something, because often I see women who have been molested or raped, and they get pregnant, and this is like an interruption because this is not the life that they dreamed of, they didn’t dream of becoming single mothers, they dreamt of getting married to a knight in shining armour and then here comes this person who abuses them or rapes them and they’re pregnant and they don’t want to sin against God by taking the baby out, so they keep the baby they don’t give it up for adoption but they are not at a place where they are psychologically and or emotionally ready to look after these babies, so they take out the anger over what the father did on the baby and sometimes, become abusive to the child. Can you please share with us, how was it for you going through this situation, did you at any time feel that you hated your child because of what the father had done, or did you feel angry? Just share with us that journey, please. I was angry. But I wasn’t angry at my child, I was angry at the person who did it, and I was angry at God, the first person I was angry at was God. I remember sitting in my conservatory, and I said, God, I need you to remove this pregnancy like right now. I remember crying my eyes out, and I was like, if you don’t answer any other prayer that I ever pray, I need you to terminate this right now, because what am I going to do? I still need to go to university. I don’t even know what I am doing. I am only 22; I have just finished college. Here I was, and I also remember, writing a letter to God, and it was a very nasty letter. I was very angry to the point where I said, do you know what God? Forget this. I remember not praying for two whole years. That’s how angry I was. And it’s okay to feel those emotions because emotions are part of us because it’s not good to hold things inside, you know. But then I thank God that I had self-control, which is one of the fruits of the spirit because I thank God that I was not that kind of mother who took out anger on my daughter because if I had done that, I don’t think I would still have her, she would have been taken away from me by the social services and things like that. It was hard and even having people who were concerned about me but not from a pure place. They were a bit nosy and the same people that were saying I am praying for you, they were the same ones that were going behind my back to say awful stuff about me but again I thank God that I had self-control. Okay, Ruva. So, where can people get this book of yours to buy? They can buy it on Amazon. There are a lot of books called Beauty For Ashes, but for mine, they can search for Beauty For Ashes by Ruvarashe. By the way, I love that name, Ruvarashe. Can you please tell us what it means? It’s a beautiful name. (She laughs) Thank you. It means flower of God or God’s flower. It’s a beautiful name. I can say it all day, Ruvarashe. (She laughs) Our thoughts as women must be in congruence with the word of God. Phillipains 4:8 says whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue if there be anything praiseworthy, think on these things. « 20 DOZ Magazine September 2018