DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 19

R uva Ngundu is a highly anointed, authentic prophetic voice with a mandate to preach, teach and minister healing, wholeness, and deliverance to women, young girls, and single mothers. She is also a worshiper and author of the book, Beauty for Ashes. The book, which is at the core of her ministry is dedicated to every woman and girl struggling with the battle of the mind and soul-ties. It is also dedicated to single mothers who feel all hope is lost because they had a child out of wedlock. Ruva is an amazing woman, her story and her book have blessed many women around the world and I am certain that this interview will be a blessing to you. As you read be inspired to bounce back from adversity and to find purpose in your pain. Please tell us a little about yourself, Ruva. Who is Ruva Ngundu? I am 28 years old, I love God, I am originally from Zimbabwe, but I am based in the UK. I moved to the UK in 2001, the eldest of three children, I go to Family Covenant Church. Thank you for telling us about yourself. Now, we want to know about your ministry. I see that you’re a minister of the gospel. So, please tell us the why, the when and the how that this came about and what impact your ministry has had thus far. Okay. I launched Beauty For Ashes, which is the name of my ministry started on the 31st of December, 2015. How, it came about, it came from God, and it came through many dreams, many visions, and even prophetic words, and I was really hesitant at first, I prayed, and I asked God, are you sure that you want me to do this? And then He confirmed, but I was a bit scared I’m not one of those that when they hear a prophetic word, then they just go with it, I first enquire of the Lord, to make sure that it actually came from Him. Even in the scripture, it says that we should test the spirit to see whether it is from God. So, I did that, and by God’s grace, He confirmed it, many times. The why for me being a minister of the gospel is very simple, to win people to Jesus Christ. I am in it for the outcome. As the Bible says in Proverbs 11, verse 30, it says, he who wins souls is wise, and I want to be a wise woman. Let’s talk about your book, your ministry is called, Beauty For Ashes, but you also have a book called Beauty For Ashes. What is this book about and why did you choose to write it? Yeah. Wow. Beauty For Ashes. This book is about my testimony; it is about what I went through. I was molested, and I got pregnant, and I had a baby at 22. I write about all my experiences about the time when I was very depressed and out of that depression, came suicidal thoughts. I nearly committed suicide four times; this book outlines how God was very gracious towards me, how God extended His grace towards me and how I overcame. And I really write about strategically how to be free, and I write about the journey which God took me through to me becoming a woman who is now free, emotionally, physically and even mentally. I wrote this book also to encourage women and teenage girls that there is God who promised in His word in Job 22:23 that if you return to Him, you shall be built up. So, yeah. That’s the reason why I wrote the book. DOZ Magazine September 2018 19 «