DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 16

To Mend a Broken Heart Michele Fleming  “ Maybe we should stop before we both say something we are going to regret.” Sarah calmly suggested, trying her best to de-escalate the suddenly out-of-control situation. “Yeah, maybe we should!” Phil shouted over his shoulder as he headed out the door, giving it a mighty slam emphasizing his position on the subject. « 16 DOZ Magazine September 2018 Sarah crumbled to her knees and allowed her tears to flow unchecked. Wrapping her arms around herself, she sat and cried until no more tears would come and then using the sleeves of her college hoodie, she wiped the dampness from her face and stood. Feeling completely spent, Sarah made her way over to her desk and collapsed into her chair. Sarah took out her bible and slowly began to flip through the pages, hunting the elusive answer to the