DOZ Issue 35 September 2018 - Page 13

DOZ Leadership Lessons Heather Dorniden Kampf Eturuvie Erebor About a year ago, I watched a very inspiring video. It was the 600-meter race of Heather Dorniden, now Heather Kampf. When I watched the video, I was amazed at the lessons that I gleaned, and I would like to share those lessons with you in this article, hoping that you will be inspired never to give up and to keep going even after a setback. For those who are not familiar with Heather Dorniden, she is an American middle-distance runner. In 2008, Heather Dorniden, who at the time was a runner for the University of Minnesota, was leading the pack in the final heat of a 600-meter race when with about 200 meters of the race to go, she tripped and fell on her face. Many would have given up at this stage because the race was almost over, and the others who she had been ahead of, were now ahead of her. Quitters would have sighed and said, what’s the use? And then they would have proceeded to call for a pity party where they would have lamented the ill luck that caused them to trip and fall just at the time when they were ahead in the race. But Heather Dorniden is no quitter. Almost as quickly and as suddenly as she fell, she was back on her feet, running faster than before. It wasn’t long before she ran past all three competitors who had overtaken her, amid her crisis, and emerged the winner. When she reached the finish line, she said something so profound and thought- provoking. “That last 50 meters, I hit a gear that I never knew I had.” In rising to continue running, Heather Dorniden proved that success and failure are not measured by how you fall, but by how you pick yourself up. DOZ Magazine September 2018 13 «