DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 9

L i g h t Everlasting In good times & In the Dark Valleys CD SWANSON For with You is the fountain of Life; in Your light we see light. (Psalm 36:9) The ability to work through situations, when life gets tough, is totally different when we believe, and have God on our side. His light from within offers continuous companionship, and we’re able to face adversity with ease. His ways, wisdom, and light provide all that we need in the direst of circumstances. The issues aren’t quite so suffocating with Christ; we’re able to breathe with His help. He guides, instructs, and makes us able to withstand the perilous fires unscathed. A treasured friend of mine, Dee, went through several valleys over the past five years. First, her mother died after a long illness and battle with Kidney disease. Not too long after her mother’s death, her soul mate, and husband of almost 20 years passed away suddenly, and unexpectedly. He was in the hospital for a simple procedure, when they discovered that he was in kidney failure, due to lymphoma, which was a surprise to both of them. He passed away from kidney failure within three days, and Dee was devastated and could barely breathe from the grief. She returned to her now lonely and empty house, where a new journey was about to begin without her hubby, Ronnie. She hardly had time to wrap her mind around what had happened, when she began feeling strange. Then, shortly thereafter, Dee wasn’t able to walk well, and she was in pain. After several arduous tests, the diagnosis was brought forward. There was “tumor in and outside of her spine.” She had to have surgery immediately, or she’d more than likely be paralyzed. Plus, not knowing if the tumor was benign, or malignant, in and of itself, added to the great degree of stress she was already under. Before I continue about this wonderful lady, and her unwavering faith, and trust in the LORD, let me give you a little background about Dee. She is a devout Christian, who puts all of her faith in God, and goes by His will, and His purpose for her life. She met the love of her life when she was in her forties, and married late in life. She had a wonderful marriage, and they complimented each other in all that they did. They were the ideal couple to all who met them, and he also was a devout Christian. They were inseparable and loved spending time together, laughing, entertaining, and visiting others. Many times ministering to younger couples encouraging them in the word. Again, to reiterate, Dee didn’t have a chance to absorb or grieve, after her mom passed, because her husband’s illness came so soon after her mom’s DOZ Magazine August 2018 9 «