DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 8

Significant in Jesus (Part Four in the Identifying with Jesus’ Love Series) Angela Steele Who Christ is in me is the most significant thing about me. Jesus has already made me significant, based on what He has already finished on the Cross. As a Christian, who do I identify with on a daily basis? Do I identify with people’s words or do I identify with my Savior’s words? If I weigh people’s opinions, more than God’s opinion, then I have chosen to place people above God, which is idolatry. Worshipping people rather than Jesus leads to a wasteland. With Jesus as my core and center of my life, my significance comes from Him, not a fickle friend. With Jesus as my core, my significance comes from Him, not how my children respond to me. With Jesus as my core, my significance comes from Him, not my title, ranking, or status. Once I started awakening to the truth that I am significant in Jesus, I not only began to see myself differently, but I began to see other people differently as well. My mind still needs renewing, but because I know God loves me all the time, I find my identity in Him, and my need to have people validate me has lessened. If people aren’t viewing me the way I know God views me, then their opinion doesn’t matter. Jesus validates me, not people. As I began understanding my significance in Jesus, the amount of disagreements and arguments in my life has lessened. Why? Not because circumstances or people have changed, but because I’m not looking to them for validation. Their « 8 DOZ Magazine August 2018 thoughts and actions do not define who I am. Jesus defines who I am. I follow my Creator’s voice. I am significant and qualified in Him because of my right standing with Him, because of Him. It’s all Him! Jesus trumpets us as significant! Let’s identify with God’s Word! We are valued, accepted, respected, and loved daughters of the King! “How precious also are Thy