DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 7

Bible as well. What I learned was that the word really did tell about the world that I live in and about the future. It even told about me. Now I was really scared. The problem with the world and the problem with me were one and the same: We had turned our back on God’s way, and we had chosen our own way instead. The Bible says it like this: All we, like sheep, have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way, and the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all. I thought my way was right, but my life was a mess. I had my own standards of right and wrong, and I kept them, most of the time. Reading the Bible and the books about prophecy showed me that my standards just didn’t matter. It was God’s standards that I would be judged by. Well, I had blown it in a major way! One night I’d had it! With blazing clarity, I knew that I had blown it. I hadn’t kept God’s Word. I’d chosen my own way over His. That’s why my life was a mess. Not only was it a mess, but my rebellion against God carried an eternal death penalty! But God, in His great love for the world, and for me, made the only way out. His Name is Jesus, He became a human being, yet without falling and without violating God’s standards, without going His own way. He was tempted at all points, yet He did not sin. He came to earth to live a perfect life and then to die in my place for my sin. He paid the death penalty. Wow! For me, in my place, He wasn’t guilty, I was! Continuing, He defeated even death because three days later He rose. Not is it a fact of history but it is a fact that is real today. To confess Him as Lord and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead brings me from death to life. At the end of my rope, I did it! I surrendered my life to Jesus! I knew I had blown it; I believed He “ y. I sus, I am sorr Je rd o “L , Tell Him paid ow that You n k I y. a w y did it m e. I ou died for m y n e h w n si ve for my from the gra se ro u o Y t a know th nd give forgive me a l il w u o Y t a and th is You. My life h it w fe li w e be. me a n You want it to e k li it e k a m yours, jah! You”. Hallelu I will live for died in my place, and I accepted that. I told Him that He could have my life if He still wanted it and that I’d follow Him for the rest of my life. He accepted me that night too. The life that He gave to me was more than I could have imagined at that time. I would have said, “No way, I can’t live like that.” I had no idea of the healing, deliverance, and restoration that He would do in my life. It is only the beginning. I will belong to His kingdom forever. It is not because of anything that I am or that I have done, it is because of Him. Oh, how He loves us! If you’re like me and know that you haven’t kept His standards, your life is in a mess created only by you, and you know there is no way out except Jesus, you can come to Him just as I did. Tell Him, “Lord Jesus, I am sorry. I did it my way. I know that You paid for my sin when you died for me. I know that You rose from the grave and that You will forgive me and give me a new life with You. My life is yours, make it like You want it to be. I will live for You”. Hallelujah! DOZ Magazine August 2018 7 «