DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 6

I Did It My Way! S Donna Martelli everal years ago, I began to be afraid as I looked around at the world. It appeared to be getting worse, not better. Why? Wasn’t it supposed to get better and better? And what about my life? The same thing was happening there. Though I believed it would get better and better, it was clearly worse. I had more problems, not less. The world, however, really frightened me. Friends told us that they had been reading books on Bible prophecy. They said that the Bible told of our time and the things that were happening now. My reaction? “Give me a break! I’m concerned about reality, not stuff written 2000 years ago!” But, call it curiosity or whatever you want, I read those books and some of the « 6 DOZ Magazine August 2018