DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 38

was slowly coming out of the shock of seeing me again, alive and well, stood to his feet and came to the spot where my mother and I knelt by the side of the vehicle. He pulled me to my feet and embraced me while Ray reached out and helped my mother to her feet. “My daughter, welcome home, all is forgiven, you are welcome,” he said. After the emotional display, which had attracted a few neighbours, we went inside. They were all alone in the house, as none of my siblings were living at home at that time. I introduced Ray to them, and told them all I’d been through since they drove me out and what Ray had done for me. They fell in love with him instantly and expressed their gratitude over and over again. Ray seized the opportunity to make his intentions to marry me known to them. To show his ready acceptance, my father jokingly said, “As far as I am concerned, she is already your wife, my son. You can go with her now if you want.” And we all laughed. I was happy, not just because I had been forgiven and accepted once again by my parents, but because the man I ݙY[[Y[H\و^HYH]Y[˜Y[X\Y\H]\HۋZ[[]ˈHۛBYۙH[\X][]\^x&\œ\[X\[YH\H]\H]Y\Z[[]˂H[YZ[ ^H]\[YB[\H[Z[H]\܈HYY][[[^BX[\H[][[K\\H^H[B۞K\YK[] ^H\[\\Yۈ^HZ[[\H\[[ZY^H[Y]YHYY[[\Y[YHB[Z[H[]]\[YHXZ]HYHXšYK\^H]\K^H[HY]XX\[[Y\[]\[^YY[\X\܈H]\XH\ۜKۘHYZ[[\Y[\ܘX[\\˂]\[ۙHYܙYY]H[YYY\Y[Y[[HXZ]YHH[Z[K[]\^H[Y^H܈HHH^YYۛB[\[^HYH\\][[[YB ֈXY^[H]Y\ NYHHXۘ[Y]^H[Z[KY\] ^H]\[[Y^x&\[[[ۈX\BYK[]\[ۙHX\Y]^H\H\B܈YHX\H[K]]\H]وH^K^H\YB[XHYH\\[ˈH[\Y]HY[\[Z[HۛH]Z[قHY][^HܛY\\][ۋHZY]\HYHX\HوHX[H\[\YܙHۙHH[Y\[[KH[Y[]\Z\\[\BYܙYYX]H]] ^x&\\[\HHݙ[H\K[BX\HYX]YY][[HYYH[[H\Y[Z\YK^x&\][HYYB[[[XXH[[YYX][H[YH›]Xx&YX\X]YH[X\YB\[[HYY]YK^x&\]\\H]B\\Y[\[X]X\\[\]B[[H\X\[H[H[YKHY[][K[\[\\YHZ[[ۂ]Y\[ۜX]^H[Z[H[YK[H[[]^H\[Z[[ [ٙY\\][ X\H[YYYK]H[&]]HY[\\Y[H^HYZ\Y^KY&]^O\[KYHX]Y[Y[\]X[K]]\HX]\HHX\Y]BYK]Y&]\H[[\\]]\Z[BY[\\KY\[ ^H\\X\Y[HYH]\Y ][^H]\H[\Z[[][YHYHۙ[[YK^x&\][H[B[YH[[X]\[Z[H[[YBX\\و^H[\[\\\ܛ[\[X\\و\YHYܘXHܘ[[[]\X\H[]HݙY\[Z[H\B]X H[Y[X\YH\^\و\[[\YHܘ[[[[][\ۋZ[[]ˈH^YY][H[[X\B][[[[^HYHX^H][ H\]Y[H^\YK