DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 34

DOZ Chronicles: N N EKA An excerpt from the novel, DOZ Chronicles: NNEKA, by Eturuvie Erebor. Available on Amazon. Eturuvie Erebor …..Continued from the last issue “Thank you,” I said. “I’m very grateful you saved me.” I got no response, so I lapsed into silence. Then I thought he would ask for my services but he did not. “What is your address so I can take you home?” he eventually asked me. I told him where I lived, and apart from that, he said nothing more. He acknowledged my thanks at the end of the trip with a nod of his head and wave of his hand before driving off. He seemed a very queer fellow, but I found myself thinking about him the rest of the night. The following evening, he showed up at my house. He did not come inside but remained by his car, waiting for the moment I would emerge. I was in the middle of cooking a meal and went out to purchase an ingredient from the shop close to my house. As soon as I stepped out of my flat, there he was, sitting on the bonnet of his car. It wasn’t the car from the previous night but a grey Honda Accord this time. As soon as our eyes met, he smiled. I could tell he was pleased to see me, but I had mixed feelings. A part of me was happy to see him « 34 DOZ Magazine August 2018