DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 3

Editor’s Letter Dear Ladies, Welcome to August! I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed July, every single moment of it. One of the highlights of the month for me was going to see the movie Ocean’s Eight with a friend. I loved it and as usual, picked up a few lessons which I am just itching to share with you. Now if you haven’t seen the movie, it won’t make much sense to you, but if you have seen the movie, then we’re on the same page. This movie is about how one woman upon her release from jail assembled a team of eight women to steal a Cartier diamond necklace worth $150,000,000. They stole the diamond and covered their tracks, so they were not discovered by the police. How did this woman pull it off? Was it because she was such a genius? No, but because first of all, she recognised that although she owned the idea she couldn’t pull it off on her own, she needed women who were experts at what they did to come on board and help her. According to Helen Keller, alone we can do so little; together we can do so much, and John Maxwell has said, “one is too small a number to achieve significance.” She also recognised that to get everyone interested she would have to split the money equally between every member of the team. She picked people who were desperately in need of money as such she was able to transfer the vision to them, and it became their vision, and they wanted it to succeed just as much as she did, maybe even more. She was a good listener and was teachable allowing members of the team to take the lead and determine how last minute unforeseen challenges should be resolved because she knew each member of the team was an expert in her field of endeavour and besides she did not know it all. No one does. There are countless lessons which one can learn from this movie, and I encourage you to watch it (even if you’ve already seen it) and learn what you can. It’s brilliant for any woman who is thinking of taking her vision from the drawing board to the implementation stage. You need a team, learn from this movie how to pick and lead a winning team. This is DOZ Issue 34, August 2018, and it is loaded with inspirational articles and stories to uplift you in your purpose walk. I hope that you enjoyed the last issue and that the stories inspired you to dream again. DOZ Magazine continues to make the transition into an inspirational magazine. Our DOZ That Inspire You, for this issue is, Victoria Ibe. She is an amazing woman, and it gives me immense pleasure to bring you her story. When her first child was born with Down Syndrome about a decade ago, like most people do when faced with challenges, she asked, why me? And needless to say, she was initially distraught, but she reached past her pain and helped others (that’s what great women do). She set up a non- profit organisation, Lovely Heritage, which promotes inclusion not only for children with Down Syndrome but all children. Please read her interview and be inspired by this wonderful woman and her journey. “DOZ Chronicles: Nneka” continues in this issue and will be concluded in the next. We hope you have enjoyed it thus far. I look forward to seeing you same time next month. Blessings! DOZ Magazine August 2018 3 «