DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 29

“Oh.....why do you think that is? IF you don’t mind my asking?” “’s okay.....I guess I’m just happy with what I have, and I love to sew, so sometimes I alter the clothes I already for example, when I put on a few pounds, I turned some of my pants into skirts, and now they feel comfortable and I get to wear a new creation that no one else has.....I even get a compliment now and then,” Isabell replied, as she turned her attention back to her work. That night Christine was more disturbed by Isabell’s comments than ever. She went to her favorite boutique that weekend by herself, but somehow, it just wasn’t the same, and she knew it had nothing to do with the fact that Brooke wasn’t able to go with her that day. Then Monday morning, Christine had a new question that she couldn’t resist asking Isabell. “So did you and your hubby enjoy the new church you were telling me about?” “Yes it was very nice, and we met a lot of nice people.” “Oh that’s good and how did the Bible study go?” Christine asked; wondering why she cared. “Oh, it was wonderful! I think everyone got a lot out of much joy in the Spirit!” “Joy?” Christine asked; her eyes widening. “Oh YES!” “HEY.......could I join you guys for your next Bible study? Christine asked; shocking herself with her own words! “OH OF COURSE!” Isabell replied, with a big, warm smile. That weekend Christine learned some amazing new things that brought her a whole new and different kind of joy. And several weeks later, she joined Isabell’s church and became a born- again Christian! Right after the service, Christine invited Isabell to her swank, modern apartment and took her new friend straight to her bedroom closet. “Look at all these brand new clothes! A few months ago, shopping was what I lived for, but now, I can’t help but look at them and feel regret. So I got to thinking; there’s this children’s hospital not far from here, plus a homeless shelter where I hear they have a lot of children staying, and I have my own sewing machine......what do you think if I were to take some of these new clothes and turn them into some donations for those needy, poor kids? I could make stuffed toys, hats, scarfs, even tiny clothing.......what do you think?” “I think that would be tremendous! There’s no doubt you got that idea straight from Heaven! What a wonderful way to extend the love of the Lord!” “It would bring me so much joy.......God has really changed my heart and my materialis tic view of the world!” “PRAISE GOD!” Isabella replied. “It’s a wonderful idea to take the love you have for material and bless others, rather than just living superficially and materialistically.” “Well, I never would have changed in this way if it hadn’t been for you leading me to the Lord Izzy.” “Amen. I’m so glad!” Isabell replied. I have been writing for many years. I really got serious when my three kids were still quite young, as they inspired me to write children’s fiction nearly every day; observing them at play. These days I’ve been working hard on completing a Bible course online, THEN I’m going hard copy with my books!! DOZ Magazine August 2018 29 «