DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 28

as a dressmaker for a high-end shop like Krouses.’” “Oh......that sucks!” “Yeah, it’s such a waste.....I mean she’s cute enough, but she dresses so I bet she doesn’t own one single thing that’s new and trendy!” “REALLY! Maybe you and I should take her shopping,” Brooke replied; with a hardy laugh. “Ha ha ha ha ha......I would, but I don’t think she would know how,” Christine remarked. Several weeks passed, and Isabell was still quiet and meek in Christine’s opinion, but she was starting to become curious; wondering: ‘who was this girl anyway? What was her story?’ So, she started asking her questions. “So.....where are you from Izzy?” “A little town that’s pretty far from here. My husband and I just moved here about a month ago.” “Oh.....that’s nice. How do you like it here in the big city?” “Oh, I like it, but I do miss our little town and especially everyone at our church.” ‘ that’s her deal,’ thought Christine. “So what kind of church was it?” “Oh non- denominational......just a bunch of us folks who love Jesus.” “OH!” Christine replied. Then she told herself she’d asked enough questions for one day and that she didn’t know what to say after Izzy’s last comment anyway. That night Christine had trouble sleeping; she kept waking up full of questions about God and Jesus. The next morning, while she was making her coffee, she began wondering more about this new mysterious co-worker. ‘She seems so content! How can she be so happy without shopping for new clothes and all the fun accessories.....I just don’t get « 28 DOZ Magazine August 2018 it! She makes a good’s not like she can’t afford everything and anything she wants, but she doesn’t seem to want anything! And I am baffled. She is always smiling, and she’s a good worker too! I gotta find out more,’ she thought. But as she inquired more, her questions kept taking Izzy back to God and church and Jesus. Christine continued having disturbing dreams that woke her up at night. Then one morning, she arose from bed; feeling exhausted and decided to probe even more deeply into this girl’s head. She just had to learn more, so she asked: “SO.....have you been to Hinkley’s boutique yet?” “No,” Isabell replied. “Is that where you shop?” “Yeah, among other places! But that’s my favorite!” “But don’t we get an employee discount here?” “Yeah and I love the clothes here, but it’s so much fun checking out what the other stores have to offer! Hey, I’m going on a big shopping spree this wanna come with me?” “Well, I don’t think I can make it......Dave and I, that’s my husband, have plans,” Isabell replied. “Oh, what’s going on?” “We’re having our first Bible study with some of the neighbors Saturday afternoon and then Sunday, we’re going to check out this new church,” she replied. “Well, not to be rude or anything, but don’t you ever get that itch to shop?.....get yourself some new things?” “Not really.....I pick up one or two pieces a month and around five or six new things when the season changes.....I’ve never gone on a shopping spree.....I just don’t feel the need.”