DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 27

slit up the back.” “Yeah, those are SO pretty! Yeah, I’ll probably get a few of those, but what I really want is a new dress. Hey, will you give me feedback if I try one on? Or three or five or seven.......ha ha ha ha ha.” “Ha ha ha ha, oh Christine, you’re SO bad,” Brooke replied; pushing Christine playfully on her shoulder. That evening at the boutique, Christine stood at the rack of gorgeous silk blouses. She could feel her whole body tingle as she drank in all the vibrant colors before her and all the other beautiful colors surrounding her, that seemed to shimmer and sparkle. A familiar warmth overflowed inside her, as her hands grazed the smooth, shiny, silken fabrics; her eyes lusting for more. She stared intently at the alluring shades of mint green, baby blue, deep lavender and yellow; that shined in her eyes like golden sunshine. She grabbed one of each of the green, blue and yellow blouses and held them one by one in front of her, as she checked herself out in the huge four-way mirrors. “Ooooh, those blouses are all SO beautiful! You would look great in all of them,” remarked Brooke, as she approached Christine. “Hey come check out these dresses I found!” Several hours later, the two stood in line at the check-out counter; chatting about work and comparing the clothes at the boutique to those they were currently making at their high-paying jobs. “I love our clothes at Krouses’, but it’s so fun shopping around at other places. I think this place is my favorite if you wanna know the truth,” Christine whispered in Brooke’s ear. “Yeah, same here! I love these dresses you helped me pick out. I think I’ll wear this one Monday,” Brooke replied; holding out one of her favorites. “Yeah, good choice......I like that one the best too!” Then it was Christine’s turn at the register. She placed three blouses, three skirts, two pairs of pantyhose and one pair of silk pajamas on the counter. “Your total is five hundred and fifty dollars,” the cashier informed her. Christine happily handed the woman her bank card, as she continued in deep conversation with Brooke about where they might go on their next shopping spree. That Monday, Christine showed off her new outfit, as she looked around to see if she could spot Brooke entering the building. When she didn’t arrive on schedule, Christine slid her purse under her machine and sat down, as she looked around a little bit more. Suddenly a new worker appeared by her side and pulled out Brooke’s chair. “Oh......hello, are you new here?” Christine inquired. “Yes, I am.......I was told to work at this machine.” “Oh......then I wonder where they put Brooke...... the girl who sat here before.” “I think she’s over there now,” the girl replied; pointing across the large work area. “Oh,” Christine replied; turning her attention to the day’s projects, as she felt her heart sink in her chest. Christine didn’t speak to the new girl at all for the rest of that day but decided to make an effort to be more friendly the following day, even though she didn’t think she would like her new co-worker, especially since her attire was so out of style. “My name is Christine, by the way.....” she said, as the new girl slid her purse under her machine. “Hi, my name’s Isabell, but everyone calls me Izzy.” “Well, welcome to Krouses.’ My name’s Christine, but everyone calls me Chrissy or Chris,’ Christine replied; trying to appear friendly. That evening, Christine called Brooke to tell her all about the new girl and how she missed her that day: “The new girl is nice enough, but N( 2BFP6RvFWBR%$R6^( 2&VǒGV6^( 24VWBB6^( 2W7BBFRGRFv&DvRVwW7B##r *