DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 26

Grace and Beauty « 26 DOZ Magazine August 2018 I Linzy Bruno t was Friday, nine a.m. when Christine Hansen arrived at her dressmakers’ job and slid her purse under her sewing machine. “Good morning Brooke,” she said; smiling at her favorite co- worker, who always sat at the adjacent machine. “Hey Chrissy, how’s it goin?” “Great! I’m always great on days I can practically hear my favorite boutique calling my name!” “Goin’ on a shopping spree tonight are you?” “Yeah! Wanna come along?” “Sure!” Later in the breakroom, Christine sat next to Brooke. “So what is it you wanna shop for tonight?” “I’m gonna check out their silk blouses! I love the ones we make here, but Hinkley’s just came out with those real trendy ones......ya know with the cut out shoulders and then those other ones with the sexy