DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 25

How can people contact you if they want to know more about you and this charity? But has it also taught you to be accepting of people in general, no matter the situation or the challenge they may be going through? Of course, yes, that’s included too, people in general apart from individuals with special needs, people in general. What plans do you have for the charity what are the plans for the future? We’ve just started a monthly activity, every last Saturday of the month. We started in February, and the plan is for it to be a continuous one because so far so good, people who have attended have been saying that they would want it to continue and we shouldn’t stop, so that’s one of it. Now, we have that monthly activity to bring social inclusion for children with special needs and other children without additional needs. They can get in touch through my website, it’s, and the email address is So, do you have any final words, words of wisdom for the mothers out there who have children with Down Syndrome or perhaps their children have friends or schoolmates with Down Syndrome? I would say to such mothers, that you make time to enjoy your children engage them with what is important in their world, make memories, play. Play is a therapy, have fun and get stronger. Photo Credit: All photos supplied by Victoria Ibe. Okay, so you’re looking to have that properly established, and you’re looking at continuing that as you go along? Yes, please. Yes. DOZ Magazine August 2018 25 «