DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 23

this to make me a better person; I would say that, that’s very true. I am more mature, wiser and the way I take things before, little things get to me, but now I have really learnt a lot, and I will say that what I learnt more is patience. My son’s disability and challenges have made me very patient in everything I have been through in life. I have learnt the meaning of the word called patience and I am very glad about that. That’s great Victoria. Now, let’s talk about Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome. Could you please tell us about this organisation, this non-profit that you started and how it came about? When exactly did you start? about you, they find you wanting, they treat your child as though he or she is dangerous or badly behaved. It is so hard to deal with that. I have friends with special needs kids who don’t even take their children out anymore or even go to the supermarket to get some groceries for an hour or two, so it is really challenging. I can imagine, but how has God been faithful through it all because no doubt the challenges have been there but when you look back how has God been faithful? Oh, God has been so faithful, by His grace, I have found strength, as the Bible says that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. That word is powerful, and it is true, I am a testimony of that word of God. God has given me strength, I know myself, I know where I am coming from before I had my son I can’t even explain how the strength comes but I know this is not me this is God holding my hand at every stage, every moment, He is there. So, I say that God is incredible and faithful, He is so awesome I don’t know how to say it, but I am very grateful that He’s been so faithful and so good to me and He’s given me that courage and wisdom to be able to look after my son. Oh, that’s great. So, He’s used this to develop you, to make you a better person? Yes, I would say that. Yes, that’s true. He’s used It started on the 3rd of September 2014, but before then I didn’t have Lovely Heritage as the name for this charity, I didn’t have any name at all, it was just one fateful day, I walked into the salon with my son when he was like two. It’s a salon where I make my hair very close to my local area where I live, and there’s a Nigerian woman that was making my hair for me, each time she sees my son she embraces him as her own, and she tells me, do you know this boy is a wonderful child? You have this son because God wants to use you to touch other people with the same situation as yourself and do you know what? I laughed about it because I wasn’t ready for that, but when I went back home and told my mum, my mum said yes, the same thing had been on her mind, and that woman must be from God and that I should think about it and pray about it, which I did. And I was really struggling with it and running away from it, but when I started, I knew that yes, indeed God was in this and I thank God for that woman that encouraged me. So Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome is established to meet the needs of children and young people with Down Syndrome or other learning disabilities by the provision of recreational activities and support for parents and carers and also raising awareness of the issues faced by children and young people with Down Syndrome or learning disabilities. So that’s what Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome DOZ Magazine August 2018 23 «