DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 22

what the doctor had said for me to understand what’s really going on. So, NHS, I would say, all round, NHS and the pediatric team and family support and social workers and all that deal with a disability, they were really involved. So I had support, I was not neglected at all. I had support. Looking back, what have some of the biggest challenges been with regards to raising your child? The truth is that it’s tough raising a child with special needs and it’s a twenty-four-seven job. And I have to suffer the prejudice of others on top of that, and that is just too much for me. But as the years roll by I have been able to get « 22 DOZ Magazine August 2018 bolder and stronger with every challenge that comes my way with regards to my son. Because let me say the truth, no matter how you raise awareness about children living with special needs, it’s just very few people that understand what it is and what you’re going through. The majority just listen, and it goes out of their ears, and most times they react to you in the public places, like churches. They look at you when your child is acting up, or his challenges come up or something, and they know this child has special needs but the way they look at you as if it is a new thing. You already know him and what he does so why do you look at him that way why don’t you just walk past? But as the years run by I have been growing out of it, I don’t allow such things to disturb me rather when you look at me I will give you a very nice smile that will make you embarrassed. So it’s been tough, really tough but I will say I am thankful to God for giving me the grace to be bold taking a lot of things in. You know they make assumptions