DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 21

So, how did your family, those in your close circle, your family and friends how did they react to the news that your child was born with Down Syndrome? Well, they also reacted the same way that I did, and they were a little confused. But my mum wasn’t confused because she was a nurse and she had knowledge of what Down Syndrome was all about. But she said I was just thirty; it wasn’t like I was forty or forty-five. Because they believe that most times people that have children with Down Syndrome are people that are older. But later we found out that it is not by age because there was a twenty-five-year-old girl that I met there in the hospital who had her son and he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, so it has nothing to do with age. My close family and friends were really surprised about the birth of my son and the diagnosis. Everyone was in shock because it was my first child, and everyone was expecting a big party. And it wasn’t just that my son was born with Down Syndrome, he was born with various other complications which I thank God that today my God has healed him from all those. He had two holes in the heart, he had a respiratory problem but today to God be the glory he is fine, he is nine years old, and he is in school and doing well. Wow. That is awesome. But what support was available to you? You were a first-time mother, which is cumbersome on its own and then with a child who had Down Syndrome. What support was available to you? My mum was a very big support for me. And because I was still in the hospital because my son was still in intensive care the nurses in charge, and the consultants, they referred me to family support and other people. They were really involved in my case because they knew I was a first time mum with such an issue and they understood very well that I didn’t know what Down Syndrome was all about. So, they did their best in supporting me in every way they could, and my mum was always there with me then, two-four-seven. Like I said earlier she was a nurse and apart from being a nurse, she was a nurse to me and also a mother. And sometimes when I am really down, whatever the doctors are saying if I am not really listening she would tell them to please let me go that she can listen on my behalf. Then later when she sees that I am fine, she comes back to explain to me DOZ Magazine August 2018 21 «