DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 19

V ictoria is a wife and mother of two beautiful children. Her first child was born with Down Syndrome almost a decade ago, and although she was initially distraught especially as he grew, and she observed that he was excluded from certain activities, Victoria did not remain distraught. She reached past her pain and helped others. She set up a non-profit organisation, Lovely Heritage Down Syndrome Charity, which promotes inclusion not only for children with down syndrome but all children. She is an amazing young woman. She has been able to find purpose in the midst of her pain. She now understands that having a child with Down Syndrome was not a punishment from God for something she had done wrong, rather it was a journey that was necessary to shape her into the woman God wanted her to be and to help her empathise with others and become an advocate for children with Down Syndrome and special needs. Many times, the challenges that come our way are not because of something we have done wrong but something God would have us do right. As you read Victoria’s inspiring story, I hope that you will take another look at the current challenges in your life and see the blessings and opportunities that they carry. What will you do right, what will you do differently because of that situation? DOZ Magazine August 2018 19 «