DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 15

Love, Courtship and Marriage Emma’s Denial E Jennifer Mobbs mma stumbled trying to get up from the floor, she knew she had to get to the front door, her cheekbone was throbbing with pain, but fear drove her. She ran to the front door grabbing the handle opening the door just slightly. But she was too late Russell was right behind her, just as she pulled the door open he slammed it shut. Emma looked up at Russell, six foot two inches tall and one hundred and eighty pounds. Emma was no match for him she didn’t even weight 110 pounds soaking wet. Russell stood over her blocking the door. Emma broke down sliding down the wall sobbing and holding the left side of her face. She glanced up again, Russell had a strange smirk on his face, like he had just won some kind of contest but had cheated. He started to move toward her; instinctively Emma put her hands up to protect herself and waited for the next blow. All she could think was “this time, this time he is going to beat me beyond recognition.” It was only a year and a half ago that Emma met Russell for the first time. She was a bit shy, but that was about to change she was now going to start her junior year of high school at the new “Senior High.” This was the only school in the area just for juniors and seniors only. It was more like a small college with over 3000 students. She felt grown up for the first time in her life. Her older brothers had left home to go to college, and her parents were busy with their own lives, their own problems. Emma mainly tried to stay out of the way at home; it wasn’t too hard for her, between work and school, she could always find an excuse to leave the house as soon as her parents began to argue. She hated the screaming, but, she had long accepted her DOZ Magazine August 2018 15 «