DOZ Issue 34 August 2018 - Page 10

death. When her beloved husband died, she could hardly take in the enormity of what transpired, before becoming gravely ill herself. She was scheduled for surgery soon after her husband’s untimely passing. The operation was a serious one, as are most operations. During the procedure; she had a fifty percent chance of becoming permanently paralyzed, or disabled. And, there was a chance that the tumor (s) was malignant. Irrespective of what was happening, Dee had a beautiful attitude, along with a heart filled with hope and love for the LORD. She prayed and looked to God, her Master Physician for help, and placed her trust fully in Him. She told me before her operation, “I see His light shining and know that during this dark time in my life…His light is always shining through it all. I’m in His hands now…” Dee came through the operation better than anticipated. The tumors on the inside, and outside of her spine were successfully removed. She hadn’t suffered any paralysis, and the results of the tumor showed that both of the tumors were fully benign! Plus her rehabilitation went extremely well, and she was released back to her home…surprising the entire medical team. When they said to Dee, “We can’t explain how you’ve come through so well” Dee responded with, “I can…it’s called Faith! Praise God!” It would behoove me to further share this part of the story, to give God further glory and praise. Dee’s husband had suffered a heart attack five years prior to his death. The two of them were driving for a routine check-up at a medical center. It was about a four hour trip from their rural home in Maine. When they arrived at the center, and while waiting in the ER area of the hospital, her husband gasped for breath and slumped to the floor in front of Dee, turning blue. She watched in horror and cried out to the LORD, “Please Father God, spare him, don’t take him from me just yet. Please, Father, I love him” as the medical team worked on him, and after what seemed to be an eternity for my friend, the team brought him back to life. He had a full recovery and obviously lived for another five years. The medical team said it was nothing short of miraculous because if he was in the car on the highway, when he suffered his massive heart « 10 DOZ Magazine August 2018 attack, he would su [H]HYY ۘHYZ[Z\H[\Y\H[\\[ۋYH\\[H[][[\ݙ[HYYB[XZ[KH\][وو[\›Z\X\ˈ[YH\YH[\\Y[B^HH[YHH\][ۋ[Z\[š\\ؘ[[[Y[[KH]\[BܞH[ۛH\]\]\H\وB^K\H\Y[\[\HYKH\[۝\H\Y[[HHY[[و[YK[]\[KH\H\[\[ۙKH\HܙX]܈وH[]\K[و[[˂[[HYYXۛYHH[&]˜[][]][\Y\KH[Z[HY[]HHۛYH)]\H\Y\وHYYY[X Z[HYH[YH[]][ؚ[K]HYYH^\\H[[KH[H܈܈[\[[ ]]\œ\Y\HۛYH[H\X[ۋH\H[[^H[]\][˂\H^HS[[\YKH\H[Z[وYKH[ݙ\\ۈBXHو\X\ [\\]]\][H][Y]KH\\X]8)\[›[ݙH\ۈ\]\[HY[Y[\[ۋ\™[[Z\\\H[[XK[\YۘXK[[[XXK[Y[X\]H^[YHY[ۙB^\8'][&]HۙK'H[[H[\ۙ] 'X[O[[H][&]Y]^Hx'B'X\ܙ [[K]][K\H\YK[H\HHܙX]܈و[[[[[\BܙX]YX]\Hو[K[[H܈[\Y\K[\ݙK[[\Z][\[܈[\\[[Y\[Y [ܞH[ۛ܈\B[\[\\&HK[Y['BXX[KXۛY[Y[΂XX[[[HYH܈[[YH[š\ܞH\^HZY\H[HܞBو[\Y\K[HXX[[[H‘ֈ܈[[\H H^H\\B\[HXY[][H^H8&\Y۝[Y\[H[[Y\[[\[Y[و\ۙ\\HY[H[Z\H[^[[H[ܙ]\