DOZ Issue 33 July 2018 - Page 9

Sharon Frazier reedom. Light, airy, weightless, soaring freedom. Freedom to know who I am in Christ, To know I am accepted in the Beloved. To become who I was created to be. f Freedom from sin’s downward pull. From the pit of sluggish, slothful, slogging upstream, From the struggle to get out of bed and face the day, From bowed-down, weighed-down, unmotivated non-life From sleeping the hours away to hide from the day, From trying and failing to meet God’s unreachable expectations. Or are they really my earthly dad’s expectations? F R E E D O M Freedom to know God as my Father, To know that He is with me and for me, To be awake, alive, anew; to explore, wonder, see as a child, To live with passion and not with fear; with love and not with duty. To worship, treasure, and enjoy God. Why do I fear freedom? Why do I stay and wallow in my stuck- ness? Why do I want to fly but choose to remain earthbound? Oh God, would You work in me to desire the riches of Your freedom, To cast off the fear-filled shackles and put on faith-filled wings. To discover the joy and adventure of being loosed from my bonds. To be finally freed. DOZ Magazine July 2018 9 «